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Linked Security Giving Back To The Community

A house is only as strong as the foundation it stands on. For us at Linked Security, part of our foundation is our relationship with our local communities here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and in NYC at large. 

Being a local business means creating and maintaining long term relationships with other local businesses, companies, service providers, public offices and, of course, people. Every day we are meeting new locals – customers, vendors, developers, small business owners… and we strive to create a fruitful relationship with each one of them, with each one of you.

Linked Security Giving Back to The Community is our initiative to strengthen those ties and those relationships by helping those in need, by donating what we can, by volunteering and by giving back. As a small business there is only little we can do but we know little can go a long way.

If you are a local business, we invite you to join us in our effort to create some change and bring good to our city. Contact us if you’d like to take a part in our next initiative.

April Community Focus

Covid19 crisis food donation and delivery at different locations

The present Covid19 crisis has definitely posed challenges to all of us. Many have lost their jobs, business owners face grim reality, many have sick family members, and no one knows what’s to come. 

At the hospitals, health workers are overworked and at high risk to get infected themselves. We have spoken to hospital personnel that while they are happy to be doing everything they can to save lives, they are also tired and even exhausted from these past few weeks. 

Therefore, we have joined some of our local partners and friends here in Brooklyn to try and make these brave men and women’s day a bit better and deliver some delicious food from a local restaurant (who also is happy for the support) to a few different overworked crews.

This week we have delivered:

  • Large food donation to Mt Sinai Hospital personal
  • Large food donation to our troops serving at Javits center

The delicious food came from Hummus Market in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Our partners in this effort are: 

Please contact us at (212) 500-1334 if you’d like to take part in any future initiative. 

May Community Focus

Fund raising for the Art Program at Jeantet Elementary School in Queens

A couple of weeks ago, a Facebook post by Bethany Allard, a teacher at PS19Q Marino Jeantet Elementary School in Queens, caught our attention. Bethany is an Art teacher who teaches kids from low income families in Queens and was trying to raise some donations so she could gather supplies for her Arts program and keep the kids busy throughout this crisis.

PS19Q is a Title I school, that is 95% latino and 5% asian, with a rate of 68% English language learners. We are one of the largest elementary schools in the United States. A significant amount of our families are also undocumented immigrants who are unable to receive rent protection, stimulus checks or any other forms of government assistance. Some are also afraid to reach out for medical assistance because they fear deportation. 

A vast majority of my students live in zip code 11368, which is the hardest hit neighborhood in NYC, with a count of over 3,000 reported COVID19 cases, outpacing the next highest affected neighborhood by hundreds of cases.  Members of my school community has family members at home who are sick, and some are unfortunately losing friends and family to this devastating disease. 

Students are unable to complete assignments with both their classroom teachers and myself, their art teacher, due to a lack of supplies. This is definitely taking a toll on the psychological health of both the children and their families. So, as you can see, we are a high needs school and would greatly appreciate any help that could be given.  In addition to helping kids stay on top of their classwork, it would also mean so much to them to know that people care about them and want to help. 

Linked Security decided to help Bethany with this fundraising.

We reached out to some of our friends and colleagues and asked them to open their hearts and pockets. We knew that these are hard times for everyone, but we believe that hard times are the best times to try hard

The donation was set for May 3rd through DonorsChoose website. Emails were sent. Phone calls were made. By the end of the day, we raised over $2000 for this program! 

We want to say THANK YOU to some of our friends who donated:

  • Tal Bloch from Bess Construction Services
  • Our friends at Target Security in Manhattan
  • Scott Lerman at Rialto Management Corp
Giving back feels good ☺ 
PSQ19 Thank you letter for "Drawing Supplies for Elementary School Students in Corona, Queens

July Community Focus

Linked Security has donated last week a security system to Chabad House on Bowery
After an unpleasant break-in to Chabad Community Center on Bowery St, a mutual friend of Linked and Chabad had reached out to us and asked for a quote to improve the security system at their location.

After a short consultation meeting, we came up with a few solutions that allowed us to repair the issues with the front door and ramp up security in a meaningful way. The cost for this project was way over what Chabad could afford – as they rely mostly on donations…
Linked Security has decided to donate all parts and labor of this project as a show of support and as part of our Giving Back To The Community project. We felt like this would be an amazing opportunity to help those who always help others, and if you know Chabad – you know how much they do for those in need… Thank you guys!

And a quick shout-out to Jasmine @sagekitchen for bringing us all together and for feeding our techs 🙂