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Eagle Eye Networks (EEN) is a security industry brand that delivers innovative, cloud-based video surveillance (CCTV), security and analytics systems for companies of all sizes and virtually every industry.

Eagle Eye Networks was started by serial entrepreneur Dean Darko who was frustrated with the challenges of setting up and managing remote video surveillance. He started it to solve the problem once-and-for-all and make video security easily accessible and affordable for businesses of any size.

Linked Security NY, based in Brooklyn, is proud to be certified as an official reseller and professional installer for Eagle Eye Networks cloud video solutions, along with alarmsaccess control, CCTV security cameras, intercom systems, and more, to businesses and residential clients throughout New York, NYC, Brooklyn, and surrounding boroughs. 

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS meets the demanding needs of businesses that work with integrated security systems and a wide range of other video-based applications. 

Their products offer flexible and easy-to-use cloud-based video management surveillance solutions.

The Eagle Eye Video Management System (VMS)

Eagle eye networks VMS-cloud video management solution

By moving video management into secure remote video access and the cloud infrastructure digital storage. Eagle Eye Networks has taken all of the headaches out of the traditional DVR, NVR video surveillance systems, freeing up New York, NYC business owners to start using video as a productivity asset instead of a frustrating security chore. With cloud video surveillance, there is no software to buy and install, no license keys, and no Operating System to maintain. You can click and add a cloud video camera at any time. You can change how long you keep your recordings, and you pay only for what you need.

When you pull up HD-quality streaming video or quickly find old footage from your smartphone, you’ll wonder where this has been all your life. 

Some of the features and benefits include:  

  • Simple plug-and-play. No software & or servers to manage.
  • Use your existing IP or analog cameras or purchase just about any camera you want to work with it. Eagle Eye network works with thousands of digital and analog cameras from all the leading manufacturers. There’s no need to totally abandon your tech investment by ripping and replacing what you already have. 
  • Flexible pricing per camera, by resolution, and storage duration for affordable scalability.
  • Using smart data captured by your VMS enables you to gain visibility across your business, react swiftly to opportunities, and improve overall processes and performance.
  • Secure video transmissions are always encrypted  
  • Simple and seamless remote access from any mobile or laptop device. No matter where you are or what time of day it is, you can view live cloud video, search historic videos, adjust camera settings, email videos, and more.
  • View, manage, search, and retrieve footage from connected devices
  • Easy integration with access control systems like Brivo
  • Flexible storage options allow you to keep different durations of video footage in the cloud and/or on-site. Store some or all on both or whatever suits your requirements!
  • Set up real-time cloud video surveillance motion alerts
  • Leverage Eagle Eye’s open, true cloud platform and artificial intelligence (AI) to dramatically transform your video surveillance system into an even more powerful tool.  

Eagle Eye Camera Bridges (IP & Analog)

Camera bridges connect all of your cameras, whether analog or IP based via lightning-fast GigE network ports and provide 48 hours of video buffering. IP-only or analog combo camera bridges are sized by number of cameras, so whether you have 6 or 60 cameras, there’s a box to fit your budget now and easy expansion later.

Do you have questions about installing or upgrading a commercial security system? We can help give suggestions based on your property’s security needs. 

Access control integrations

Eagle Eye Networks Subscriptions (Cloud & On-Premise)   

Eagle Eye Network cloud subscriptions are priced per camera, per resolution, and storage duration (typically 7 or 30 days). These flexible options give businesses of any size the ability to start small now and easily expand as needs change.

All subscriptions provide frictionless remote viewing, management, and footage retrieval from any authenticated desktop or mobile phone connection. 

flexible cloud video analytics

Improve Security and Business Operations with Security Camera Analytics

Line Crossing, Intrusion Detection, and Loitering video analytics ensure cloud video surveillance images are continuously analyzed in real-time to alert Eagle Eye customers when attention is needed.

Object Counting monitors patterns to help make smarter business decisions, potentially saving money, improving sales, and increasing customer satisfaction. Modernize your business operations with powerful, flexible cloud video and seamless integration with cloud access control.

As a Eagle Eye Networks qualified channel partner Linked Security NY can provide you with:

  • A free initial consultation to assess your business needs
  • An overview of cameras supported
  • A technical discussion as it pertains to your system design
  • System installation assistance
  • Ongoing customer support   
security system installations nyc

Linked Security NY clients absolutely love how simple and easy-to-use Eagle Eye Networks cloud video is.

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