Brivo OnAir Mobile Cloud Access Control Systems in NY Installations, Repairs

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Brivo OnAir Mobile Cloud Access Control Systems in NY Installations, Repairs

Brivo OnAir Mobile Pass Cloud Access Control Systems in NY

Linked Security NY is a certified authorized partner installer of Brivo security product solutions.  Brivo is a Well Respected Manufacturer of Mobile Device & Cloud Based Access Control Systems and Video Surveillance Management Products for all types of New York City buildings.   

Brivo first introduced cloud architecture and open API based access control to the physical security market in 2002.  Brivo brings a different approach to access control – its goal is to minimize hardware and operate the software from the cloud by replacing traditional ID badge swipe cards and door readers with a mobile phone.   Brivo security platforms can be installed in single buildings, multi-site locations, multi-tenant unit properties, large enterprises, small businesses including property management, retail stores, schools, jewelry stores, pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities. 

Many NYC companies and offices are choosing Brivo security systems because of their cloud access control, mobile credential OnAir platform, and video management products reduce costs on computer hardware.  

Brivo security system makes it possible to minimize the cost on computer hardware purchases and it lowers organization operating expenses. Many companies have seen up to 50% savings on their traditional key system costs by eliminating rekeying costs and reducing the hours for on-site security guards. The security platform is very user friendly for both the employees or members who need door entry access as well as the business owners or building security management. 

If you are looking for a quality and responsive NYC security system integrator to assist with repairing or installing a Brivo security system in Manhattan or any of the surrounding boroughs Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens or Staten Island, Linked Security NY has got you covered.  Check out some of our Google reviews from past clients. Our mission is to provide comprehensive technological answers integrated to suit the unique requirements of our commercial and residential building clients. We utilize our security system expertise to help secure your facilities and buildings by implementing Brivo security solutions. If you’re not sure which products will work best and integrate with your building, we are available to guide you.   

Brivo OnAir Mobile Pass API


Brivo Onair API is a cloud-based access control and video surveillance physical security system for both New York City enterprises and small businesses alike.  It allows NY building property managers and security personnel to create a fully customized access control system at all your facilities from anywhere and at anytime.  The mobile app platform simplifies security interactions for property managers, tenants, employees, and visitors.  

The Brivo OnAir mobile app lets you:


  • manage buildings with live video and activity logs
  • Unlock doors remotely 
  • Control user access with one touch of a screen
  • Keep on your site from anytime anywhere
  • print badges, open doors, set schedules
  • Create schedules for entrances and alarms 
  • Monitor events via alerts and real-time video 
  • View reports of activity, events and data

Linked Security NY is a certified partner with Brivo Systems, a worldwide market leader of cloud-based physical access control and video surveillance systems that focuses on identity management. With this partnership Linked security NY is able to deliver and install the most cutting-edge access control technology security systems on the market.     

Brivo’s security platform and Brivo Onair API combined together enable Linked Security NY to create a fully customized access control system for your New York facilities.

Cloud and mobile technologies are taking off in many parts of the enterprise including physical security management. We use our phones for and more tasks in our daily lives. By utilizing cloud based application software eliminates the need for onsite software and provides increased reliability and usability. The app is easy to use and manage for even non-technical employees. Brivo OnAir API automates access to a facility so that security managers don’t have to spend countless hours managing their facilities. From who comes and goes, time schedules and alarms, administrators can automatically secure it all from one interface.  The Brivo OnAir platform provides both live video streams as well as recorded video clips linked to specific events. 

Integrated cloud access control for
your NYC commercial office Buildings


Seamless security access experience for your tenants with peace of mind for all


The Brivo OnAir mobile security platform interface unifies and integrates the security experience across access control, mobile user credentials, video surveillance, identity federation, visitor management, intercoms, cameras, bluetooth card readers, control panels and wireless locks. 

Brivo unified complete cloud-based security platform features include:

  • Access control
  • Mobile management
  • Visitor management
  • Video surveillance
  • Identity management
  • Elevator control     

Brivo OnAir high-assurance option for two-factor biometric authentication  

Recently announced, the OnAir Pass mobile credential Biometrics-access-controlapplication now also provides a high-assurance option for two-factor biometric authentication. This new feature leverages the facial and fingerprint features already embedded in mobile phones. This is an ideal option for many facilities with policies requiring higher degrees of authentication for some doors and spaces, such as data centers, high value storage, cash management rooms, and laboratories. Systems administrators can mandate the use of biometric authentication for specific doors or for an entire facility, as needed, through the Onair user interface.

Brivo OnAir is the ideal solution for automating your building’s access control allowing you to save time and money managing your properties security system. 

Integrated Smart Mobile Device Access Control and Video Surveillance   

Brivo Video-surveillance-managment

Linked Security NY designs and installs access control systems and video surveillance capabilities together as an integrated cloud-based physical security platform which can be managed quite easily using their Brivo OnAir API.  Brivo’s cloud video surveillance management technology, allows you the ability to review footage of specific events at your buildings going back up to a full previous year. The Brivo security systems enables smarter access control by connecting your enterprise applications and security operations. The products are cost effective and easy way to manage activity, identity and control within your facility. 

Brivo Mobile Cloud Based Access Control and Video Surveillance Management 

Brivo is considered a market leader in cloud based visitor identity and building access management technologies. Linked Security NY is a top rated Brivo certified installation partner. We help companies and building owners integrate one of the highest levels of security system products that happens to be really intuitive and easy to use. 

  • Manage your buildings access and security from a mobile phone – Brivo security app platform lets you manage building security with entry door access control, It can replace traditional card swipe and door readers with a mobile phone, remotely assign and revoke credentials sent directly to the user’s smartphone, view live door activity and video footage from your phone. Protect high-security areas with two-factor authentication already built into smartphones.  Use mobile credentials alongside cards/fobs to reduce the hassle of lost credentials for your employees or members.     
  • Remotely monitor entry access events and video using one platform – Brivo Onair integrates your access control system with remote video surveillance so you can view your facilities and your perimeter from anywhere. Their scalable cloud based infrastructure integrates with security cameras to monitor, lobbies, garages, loading docks, stairwells, reception areas elevators and restricted areas. Flawlessly view live and recorded video of access events within one user-friendly security management platform.    

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