Aiphone Intercom Systems IN NYC | Installations & Repairs

Aiphone Intercom Systems IN NYC | Installations & Repairs

Linked Security NY is a certified installer of Aiphone Audio & Video Intercom Systems in NYC area – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

Easily screen, identify and record your New York City building or property visitors with modern Aiphone video intercom systems. Linked Security NY works with dozens of property management companies and helps them upgrade the outdated intercoms with state-of-the-art Aiphone door entry intercom systems. We also specialize in Aiphone intercom repair, intercom with camera service, retrofitting and all types of security installations.

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Aiphone is one of the leading intercom
manufacturing companies we install.

See the demo for the Aiphone GT system by owner Yonatan Yekutiel

The Aiphone brand has been designing and making intercoms for the commercial, education, government, healthcare, and residential property markets in the U.S. since the early 70s. Aiphone offers communication, security, and property protection systems. 

They have one of the largest product lines that range from fairly simple installations to extremely complex commercial systems. There are over 30 standard systems with hundreds of components and accessories. Some of their most popular products are:

  • The IX Series 2 Peer-to-Peer IP Video Intercom with SIP Capability
  • The GT Series Versatile Multi-Tenant Video Security Intercom (watch the demo on the left)

Intercom systems have come a long way, in terms of functionality, affordability, usefulness and and really becoming an integral component in a building’s security system. Rather than just talking to someone (audio only intercoms) at a particular entry door and using a buzzer system to remotely open it, now they are able to show the tenant or property operator who exactly is attempting to gain entrance through a video interface. 

Video intercom systems have become really popular for both the tenants and building managers because you can visually ID visitors and communicate with them either over the intercom unit or via smartphone App.

Certified Aiphone Intercom Installer New York City

Aiphone Intercom Systems Benefits 

Aiphone products offer a number of benefits to our customers, besides the regular building intercom functions, which includes audio and remote door release capability. You see Aiphone GT series intercom systems and others capture 170° viewing area with the built-in PTZ camera, as well as video with pan, tilt and zoom abilities. Aiphone intercoms give NYC property managers the ability to view the recorded audio and video footage at a later time and date. This will prove very helpful for compliance, any incident investigations, or just to see if certain protocols were taken. The GT Series provides building owners and property management firms one of the most versatile, feature-rich security intercom solutions for multi-tenant applications.  More features include:

  • Hands-free audio communication
  • Video camera at entry
  • Direct dialling, alphabetical scrolling, or “jump” scrolling by letter to select tenant name
  • Up to 500 names/numbers can be stored in the display module
  • Alphanumeric room numbers and/or names can be programmed
  • Time-based call forwarding 
  • Emergency calls by individual station groups 
  • Timed announcements by group, and zones for paging at multiple priority levels
  • The ability to have calls transferred to an external phone line if the primary contact doesn’t pick up the call within a certain time period 
  • The ability to manage separate property building systems by a master user 
  • Aiphone intercoms are IP based, so it eliminates the need for individuals to monitor stations at a remote location 
  • Integration with apps for both iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Master stations can now serve a dual role as a single command point, controlling security layers such as access control and emergency communications
  • The Master user can control the door release from a central location! 
  • Up to 32 remote stations can be included in a single local system, with a global maximum of 1024 stations

Aiphone GT-series-multi-tenant-video-intercom

Aiphone Intercom product types

Aiphone offers all types of intercoms: audio, video, multi-unit apartment/condo systems, Aiphone IP network intercom systems, multi-residential intercom panels with directories, access control systems, and all sorts of variations of these systems. Aiphone products are known for their reliability and functionality and can has a system for virtually any intercom application at reasonable prices to fit even tight operational budgets. 

Aiphone provides wired and wireless intercom systems that add communication to all types of environments and industries such as preschools, K-12 schools, private or schools, community college campuses, university college campuses or dormitories, commercial offices, highrise buildings, healthcare facilities, multi-tenant residential apartment units and more.  Aiphone has dozens intercom systems in its product line of security units that include answering units for front and back doors, video access control security systems and cutting-edge intercom systems. 

Linked Security NY is a firm believer that “security starts at the door” and a new functional intercom system is the first step in having a fully integrated building security defense program. 

Enhance your building’s security with a new AiPhone Intercom System from Linked Security NY.  

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