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InVid Tech is a security equipment provider located in New York, on Long Island. They offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in the security industry, providing the latest technology to help their clients stand out from the competition. Their headquarters are in a 10,000 square foot building that is home to both their offices and warehouse.

InVid Tech offers a wide range of products, including NDAA compliant products, project registration, IP surveillance, HD analog surveillance, cloud & local storage, mobile solar surveillance, facial recognition surveillance, interactive collaborative displays, 4K & standard displays, security solar lighting, license plate surveillance, and gun shot acoustic threat detection. They also offer training and demo videos to help their customers get started with their products.

InVid Tech’s AI Series cameras offer human and vehicle classification, which can be useful for security purposes 3. The PAR-P4TXIR-AI camera is a good representation of the cameras in this series.

InVid Tech’s website presents a comprehensive range of products and services centered around video technology. Their offerings are categorized into several main areas:

InVid Products

  • IP Products: This includes a variety of IP cameras, featuring AI technology, true facial recognition capabilities, PTZs (Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras), Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and various kits. There’s also a dedicated section for facial recognition technology​​.
  • HD Analog Products: In this category, they offer HD analog cameras, including those with white light features, PTZs, recorders/DVRs, and HD analog kits​​.
  • Specialty Products: This segment includes more specialized items like access control systems, body temperature systems, free cloud storage for a month, MyConnect products, NDAA-compliant products, and solar solutions​​.
  • Displays: They provide a range of display products, including general and 4K displays, digital signage, interactive collaboration displays, PoE (Power over Ethernet) security displays, standard security displays, and various mounts and accessories​​.
  • Accessories: A variety of accessories are offered to complement their main products. This includes AV accessories, camera mounts, hard drives, PoE switches, power supplies, security lights, and other miscellaneous items​​.

In addition to their product offerings, InVid Tech also highlights promotional events such as their Black Friday specials, indicating active marketing strategies to engage customers​​. They also provide training and demo videos for their products, suggesting a commitment to customer education and support​​.

Features in Video Surveillance: InVid Tech’s Advanced Product Line

InVid Tech, a leader in video technology, offers a range of advanced surveillance products designed to meet diverse security needs. Here’s an insight into some of their most popular features:

  • Month Free Cloud Storage: This feature offers users a month of complimentary cloud storage, enhancing data accessibility and security.
  • PoE Monitors: Powered by Power Over Ethernet (PoE), these monitors simplify installation, reducing the need for extensive wiring.
  • Color at Night: Cameras equipped with this feature capture vibrant, color images even in low-light conditions, enhancing night surveillance capabilities.
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR): LPR technology allows for accurate, automated capture of vehicle license plates, vital for security and monitoring traffic.
  • AI Technology: InVid Tech’s AI cameras offer intelligent features like human and vehicle classification, reducing irrelevant recordings and focusing on significant events.
  • Way Audio + Strobe: This feature combines communication capabilities with a strobe light, adding an extra layer of deterrence and interaction.
  • Multi-Lens Cameras: These cameras, capable of capturing multiple angles in a single channel, offer comprehensive coverage, ideal for wide-area surveillance.
  • PTZs with AI and Auto Tracking: PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras with AI technology offer smart tracking features, automatically following movement, ensuring continuous monitoring.
  • True Facial Recognition: Integrating with NVRs, these cameras offer accurate facial recognition, enhancing security and identification processes.
  • Western Digital Purple Drives: Designed for surveillance systems, these drives offer reliable storage for both NVRs and DVRs, ensuring compatibility and efficiency.
  • Cloud Upgradeable: This feature allows for easy firmware updates and security patches via cloud, simplifying maintenance and keeping systems up-to-date.
  • Explosion Proof Cameras: Ideal for hazardous environments, these cameras ensure safe operation without risk of igniting sparks.

InVid Tech’s products embody the latest advancements in surveillance technology, providing solutions that are not only innovative but also practical for a wide range of applications. From enhanced night vision to smart AI capabilities, each feature is tailored to optimize security and efficiency in surveillance operations.

Overall, their showcases a broad and specialized range of video technology products, with a clear focus on meeting diverse surveillance and security needs. The layout and categorization of products indicate a user-friendly approach, aiming to make it easier for customers to find and understand the products that best suit their requirements. The inclusion of support resources and promotional events further enhances the user experience and demonstrates the brand’s commitment to customer engagement and satisfaction.

InVid Tech seems to be a reliable and innovative brand that offers a wide range of security products and services. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

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