Hikvision surveillance cameras system installations in New York, NYC


Whether you are looking to secure a New York, NYC business or a multi-tenant apartment building your main objective will be to protect your premises, assets, and the people inside from harm, damage, theft, or burglary. Hikvision has been around since 2001 and now is one of the largest Chinese OEM commercial-grade manufacturers of surveillance video and security camera equipment products around the world. The video surveillance system industry has been going through a lot of changes in technology including the increasing popularity of IP and HD Cameras, DVRs, and VSaaS (Video Storage as a Service). Slowly transitioning away from traditional suppliers that specialize in CCTV (using your existing analog cabling) and general security to those that have knowledge in computer networking and security system integration solutions. 

Hikvision designs develops, and manufactures innovative standard- and high-definition cameras, including a variety of Smart IP recorders and cameras with infrared, thermal imaging, wide dynamic range, zooming, wide angles, Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ), facial detection, object counting, and intrusion detection capabilities. Bullet camera, dome cameras, turret cameras, They offer dozens upon dozens of product options which also includes digital video servers, hybrid and standalone DVRs, NVRs, speed domes, video intercoms, encoders, decoders, and other elements of sophisticated security systems and CCTV technology for both indoor and outdoor use. Hikvision also provides proprietary access control software along with their cameras. These cutting-edge solutions serve a diverse group of vertical markets, including government (entire countries, including Ecuador and Zimbabwe), retail stores, schools, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, doctor’s offices, warehouses, stadiums, jewelry stores, gaming, and commercial and residential apartment applications. Hikvision provides customers with a huge amount of choices in terms of image quality, style of camera, and most importantly, price.

IP Network Cameras     


A business or building security requirements vary. That is why Hikvision designs and tailors network cameras to meet various requirements – from general video surveillance to video content analytics based on deep learning algorithms – and beyond. Rendering high-quality images across a range of lighting conditions – while minimizing requirements on storage and bandwidth – and providing data-powered situational awareness to help you make smart decisions, their network cameras are the ideal choice for hundreds of application scenarios. The advantage of IP cameras is that one camera can replace a large number of analog cameras because their range is much wider and the quality of images so much higher. So although IP cameras may be more expensive, you will need fewer of them to gain complete coverage of your premises.

Thermal Cameras


All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit thermal radiation, even at low levels. This kind of radiation, invisible to the human eye, can be detected by thermal imaging sensors. Thermal cameras can produce images in the visual spectrum by detecting temperature differences between an object and its surroundings. The larger the difference, the bigger the contrast variety, making details visible. Compared to visible light cameras, thermal cameras can be used for applications in more challenging environments. They can be used to protect fire and theft prevention in warehouse settings. The Hikvision single-lens bullet cameras offer a cost-effective thermal surveillance option, and the dual-lens products – bullet cameras, speed domes, and positioning systems – offer pan & tilt flexibility and simultaneous video streams that include both visible light and thermal imaging.  

line crossing detection

ADVANCED DETECTION ABILITY – Thermal sensors are only slightly affected by changing light conditions, total darkness, or other challenging weather such as rain, fog, or snow. This makes thermal cameras a perfect platform on which to build more efficient, 24/7 surveillance systems. 

EXCELLENT ENVIRONMENTAL ADAPTABILITY – Integrated with intelligent video applications such as line crossing and intrusion detection, these cameras can automatically trigger an alert and at the same time trigger a traditional pan/tilt/zoom camera to supply pertinent video to an operator. This application becomes especially effective in perimeter protection and area surveillance applications.      

HD Analog Indoor Cameras  


Hikvision has a few analog HD camera options, If your company’s budget still doesn’t allow for IP cameras, Linked Security NY can install Hikvision HD CCTV cameras using your existing analog cabling, enabling further savings on time and cost. There are lots of different camera types for any environment, be it indoors or out. All you need is an HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR), 1080p cameras, an LED screen, and PSU (power supply).      

Hikvision IP CCTV installation Benefits

  • Hikvision IP cameras are easy to install, meaning less time on site for installers. They are also very easy to use, so you can get to grips with your new IP CCTV system faster and start reaping the benefits sooner. 
  • For a basic Hikvision IP CCTV installation, all you need is a Network Video Recorder (NVR), the required number of IP CCTV cameras, and cabling. Hikvision NVRs also come with a built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, which cuts down cabling costs because cameras can be operated and powered with just one cable. 
  • Hikvision IP CCTV systems come with built-in motion detection and basic analytics, so you can use those features out of the box without purchasing upgraded analytics software to do so. 
  • Hikvision systems are fully expandable, which allows you to start small if your budget requires it, adding new cameras as and when you are able. It also allows larger companies to easily expand their IP CCTV systems as their business expands into new premises.

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