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Whether you’re a New York City building owner who would like to upgrade his building or a CEO of a 1000 employees company who is interested in access securing and monitoring, Linked Security can offer anything from low budget 1 door solutions to multi-door high end controlling and monitoring. Access to your NYC building all starts with best-in-class Magnetic Locks, Long Range Card Readers and smart Mobile Phone Access Control Software, our products range makes it easy for you and your organization to control who can go where and when. Access control systems are an integral component of a complete intercom and security system for your New York property or business.

It all starts with your needs and requirements.

Our services include: Access control, Door buzzers, Magnetic locks, Electrified locks, Electric strikes, Proximity readers, Keypads, mobile access systems, Biometric readers, ID badge card swipes,  Facial recognition, Cloud managed access software.


Access Control Systems and Software 

Access control systems are- most of the time – software-based systems, designed to give control and monitoring of access and movement throughout a building or premises.

The core of the access control system is the control panel and its software. While the control panel is wired to the different doors including their hardware – electric locks, proximity readers, sensors and request-to-exit device, the software is the tool admin use to determine who can go where and under what conditions using their personal credentials. 

For example, in a big office or corporate environment, an access control system will allow the admin to determine which employees can have access to the main office areas or the common areas, and who can access the accounting room or the communication and server rooms. It will also allow them to issue temporary cards or fobs to visitors or limited access credentials that are only active during certain days and hours for the cleaning personnel. 

In a residential building, an access control system can be used to control who can have access to the garage or bike room, can help monitor who opened the packages room and can help give temporary access to contractors and their personal. 

Integration Between Access Control and Other Systems

Many access control systems allow integration with other security systems or other platforms in order to achieve a more complete and efficient system. 

Integration with CCTV – integrating your access control system with your CCTV system will allow for advanced security monitoring, for example recording a short video or taking snapshots every time a person opens a door, using a camera’s motion detection to trigger a lockdown, and more. 

Integration with Alarm system – Connecting your alarm system to your access control system will allow an automatic lockdown of high security areas in case of an alarm trigger or unlocking of all doors in case of a fire alarm. This is a very important tool for public facilities and high security facilities. 

Integration with Intercom Systems Highly common in residential buildings, this combination of 2 very useful systems gives a complete entry solution that allows the tenants to control exactly who comes into the building and when. 

Integration with different management software can help a management company simplify the process of issuing fobs to new tenants and so on. 

Locally managed VS cloud managed

As we explained, access control systems are software based. The software can run on a local computer on the network or on a remote server with access to the network – both cases are regarded as locally managed, or it can be cloud based – meaning it sits on the manufacturer’s server.

A locally managed system is a great solution for buildings or offices who have an onsite personal that manages the access control system. The admin can use a computer that is connected to the local network every time he needs to perform a change or edit. This connection is secured and cost effective, with almost no risk of communication issues. 

A cloud managed system is probably a better solution for management companies or companies who need to control the system remotely. The access to the system is through the web so you can control it from any computer with an internet access, and even from your mobile device. This setup definitely gives the admin more flexibility, but it comes with a monthly cost for the web hosting. 

Locking Devices

Electric Strikes – An electrified device installed in the door’s frame and accommodates latches of different locks like keyed door knobs, mortise locks etc. The E. Strike keeps the door locks most of the time and lets a visitor open the door when it gets electric current. This device is in common use where there’s already a lock installed on the door.

Magnetic Locks – A magnetic lock is a device that utilizes electricity to create a magnetic field and keeps the door locks as long as it gets electric current. When the current stops, the door is no longer magnetized and can be opened. This device offers increased security since the magnetic field can be very strong (changes by type and model) and it is not exposed to the outside – meaning intruders can’t jimmy or damage it.

Access control - maglock

Electrified Locks – Mortise locks that are installed on the door like a regular lock but are also connected to a power source. When the device gets electric current it allows the visitor to open the door (using the lever). These locks usually are very strong and resilient and are often installed in vandal-prone areas.

Access Devices

Acccess-devices-keypad-entry-and-proximity-RFID-keyfob-readersProximity Readers – Device that read credentials off of magnetic cards, ID badges, Swipe Cards, RFID cards. key-fobs and other data-transmitting devices. The data transmitting device needs to be within a certain distance for the reader to be able to read the information – and therefore its name. The reader sends the information received to the access control panel who decides whether the credentials are valid or not and whether
to open the door or not.

Keypads – Keypads allow a user to open a door using a 4-8 digit security code. The user code can be common to a number of people or individual. The use of keypads is very simple and does not require a control panel – this can be used as a stand-alone device.

Biometric Readers – Biometric readers can scan and identify users by reading their fingerprints, eye retina or voice. Since each one of us has unique bio-prints, this method of selection is highly secured and also pretty expensive. A new technology in this field is the Facial Recognition technology that seems to be making huge progress in the past couple of years.

What is an Access Control Panel?
The panel is actually the “BRAINS” of the access control system. It hooks up to all the doors, card readers, exit devices and all the other components of the access control system and usually uses a software to manage it all. With the software we can program who can go where and when, at what times will this or that door be open and at what time locked or who do we want to get notification about.

There are a couple of types of access control software – Locally managed or On Site managed software, and Web managed or On-Air managed software. The different terms reflect the way the managing user would use and manage the system. Either by a computer that is connected to the same network as the control panel or through a web portal. Usually the On-Air types of software come with a monthly charge.


Exit Devices

Exit devices are basically means-of- egress or devices that let users open the door from the inside. There are many different devices that can be used such as:

  • Push-To- Exit buttons,
  • Touch Sense Handles and Bars,
  • Motion Sensors,
  • RF Remote controls etc.

Each device has its own advantages and we would recommend one depending of the needs and requirements of your system.


Designing the right Access control system for your New York City business starts with a meeting where we will understand and prioritize your needs and requirements. There are many aspects to consider when planning the right system and it is important we get as much information as possible before we design the system.

Some of the factors that we take under consideration when designing a system are: number of doors in the facility, number of employees, required levels of access, integration with different work environment software, level of security and much more. Linked Security NY is a respected New York City security company that installs well-known security product brands such as Hid access, Schlage access, Honeywell access, Brivo access, Siedle access.

Please click on the next links to see and read about some of our Access Control projects, you’d be able to see that we can customize and design small and large, simple or complex systems, all based on your needs.

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