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Linked Security offers a wide range of door buzzer solutions and products for New York local businesses and residential buildings. Whether you are working at a storefront or office, renovating a residential building, or working on new development, or you need to increase Security and control who enters your space – we will provide the system that will be the perfect solution for you!

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How Does Door Buzzer Work?

Door buzzers for businesses and apartments operate via hardware outside the building at the entrance and other hardware inside the building. Visitors buzz the door to let tenants know they are waiting at the entryway. And tenants communicate with visitors and open the door for them through the in-unit hardware.

In the office or multi-residential building, we can install a buzzer system with multiple buttons that work best for each floor or company. Or, your guests can avail from a tenant directory by pressing the relevant button or typing in a code to alert tenants of their arrival.

We can also install door buzzer systems that allow visitors to contact a specific person directly. Other intercom solutions enable visitors to connect to a front desk or receptionist in the office. As a result, a tenant gets a “buzzing” alert via the in-unit device.

Then, the tenant can press the button to answer the call. A “Door open” button will grant access to a visitor. The system works in a way to send a signal to the door locking mechanism to open the door.

Linked Security Door Buzzers for Homes and Businesses

We cater to the following types of door buzzer systems for your commercial or residential property in NY:

  • Door buzzer entry system with access reader – Get easy access with a key card or key fob.
  • A buzzer with a camera – Two-way video calling for your door buzz system.
  • Wireless buzzer systems – Save money by installing a Wi-Fi-based wireless system.
  • A door buzzer lock connected to your smartphone – Better experience right from your smartphone.

A wireless door lock buzzer is the best solution in today’s mobile-centered world, and here’s why.


Wireless Door Buzzer Lock in New York

Wireless-based door buzzers operate through the phone line or internet. It can send an audio message or video in real-time to a mobile phone. The benefit of such a system is that you can answer a buzzing visitor from a special application on your smartphone. In addition, you can see the activity at your door from your mobile or laptop, which is very convenient when you can’t open the door, or you’re away.
The pros at Linked Security can install wireless door buzzer systems for your office or home front to make your life easy.

Access control system in your warehouse facility can help you monitor which employees come and go between the different areas.


NY residential buildings usually have a door buzzer system on their front doors. The door buzzer is connected to the intercom system, letting tenants release the door (“buzz the door”) and let people in. This is usually done by an Electric Strike device installed on the frame, but it can sometimes be done by Magnetic lock, Electric locks or bolts, and other means.


We use:

  • Top-quality door hardware;
  • 3/5/10 year warranty electric strikes;
  • Magnetic locks for Glass doors;
  • Electric bolts for Herculite doors;
  • Wide variety of power supplies and relays to connect your front door to any system you need.


Magnetic-lock-to-secure-building-entrance-NYC-buzzer-installationAs most residential buildings in Brooklyn and the rest of NYC work with an electric strike device, adding a magnetic lock as a second locking device can be the ultimate solution to prevent break-ins. Adding a magnetic lock to your door will lock it with an additional 600/1200/1500lbs of force, right at the top of the door, making it impossible to “jimmy” the door lock and extremely difficult to force the door open.

NYC DOB regulations concerning residential entry doors set a few rules that we must observe:
NYC DOB regulations concerning residential entry doors set a few rules that we must observe:

  1. The door must have positive latching, meaning a front door must remain closed from the outside even in case of a power failure in the building. For that reason, a magnetic lock alone is insufficient, and the door should have a latch lock and electric strike.
  2. The door must be easily opened from the inside by any layman without special knowledge or skills; for that reason, the DOB has been giving fines to buildings with magnetic locks that only have the Push-To-Exit button. When we install a magnetic lock, we install a Request To Exit motion sensor inside the door, which automatically unlocks the door when people approach it. A Push Button is installed as a precaution in case the motion sensor doesn’t work. 

Door Buzzers for Storefronts, Offices, and Other Business Environments

When running a business, securing your facility can be very important and useful. A door buzzer system on your storefront can prevent burglars or homeless people from coming in. Access control system in your warehouse facility can help you monitor which employees come and go between the different areas.

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Brands We Work With


  • Single user intercom systems – audio only or audio/video communication between your door and front desk – or directly to your mobile device.
  • Door release buttons at your location of choice
  • Door release using a remote control (RF operated)
  • Door release using your phone
  • Keypad or electronic key switch to secure your office
  • Door status monitoring (open/close)
  • Doorbells

New York Apartment Door Buzzer Lock

When you need a door buzzer lock for your apartment in NY, you can rely on Linked Security. We have been working in the intercom security field for years and have a profound understanding of the essentials for the security solutions for each residential building in New York. Our crew employs advanced equipment and tools for buzzer system installations, which can transform your security.

New York Security Door Buzzer Installation

Are you looking for an experienced technician to install a high-security door buzzer? Contact our technicians who have skills working with older and newer security door buzzers. We can perform basic troubleshooting or implement full system installations for condominium and apartment properties. Our security door buzzer service is the best, and we promise to do the job with great attention to detail.

New York Intercom and Door Buzzer System Repairs

If you can’t talk to people who buzz your door or can’t release the door from your unit to let visitors in, the time has come to take care of the door buzzer system. When your intercom system has failed, our NY technician can inspect and fix it. Linked Security troubleshoots, repairs, replaces, and installs intercom systems and door buzzers for apartments and businesses. Our experienced team handles everything from traditional to more advanced smartphone-based entry security systems.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Door Buzzer Lock?

There are many factors to consider regarding the cost of installing a door buzzer system. For example, some brands we work with are more expensive than others. Typically, the more advanced the system is, the higher the price. To illustrate, systems that don’t include a video control will generally cost less than those that come with the camera.

Door buzzer entry systems for residential or commercial buildings may vary from $1,000 to $10,000. The pricing depends on multiple variables, such as the layout of the space, type of equipment, placement of hardware, and integration requirements.
That’s why we create custom quotes to accommodate the unique needs of every client.

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Choosing the Best Door Buzzer System For Your Home

While traditional door buzzers are more about security, wireless and smartphone-based have an additional user-friendly layer – convenience.

If you are unsure, which door buzzer system is the best for your home or business and would like to know more about smart security solutions, get in touch with one of the representatives in Linked Security NY to guide you through the process.