The Siedle App – Access to the Door intercom System from All Over the World

Whether business owners or residents of multifamily buildings in NYC, safety and security are a top concern. Protecting property, possessions, and loved ones is imperative to maintaining resident satisfaction. Access to the door intercom system with a Siedle app from all over the world and at all times is an effective way for tenants to see who is at their door live on their mobile phones or tablets. 

There are plenty of intercom apps for remote access, and the one from Siedle is catching the eye. In this blog post, Linked Security will take a closer look at the Siedle app: IQ in-house telephone and how the app works. First, a bit about the company. 

About the Company 

Based in Germany, this telecommunication tech has been on the market since 1952. Siedle has spread the services internationally, including in the USA. Its intercoms, access point security devices, and IP systems have evolved due to the company’s commitment to innovative solutions. If you are still using the older Siedle intercom, you should certainly consider upgrading it with the IQ version and connecting to the app to enjoy unhindered communication on the go.  

How It Works 

The Siedle app for smartphones or tablets, combined with an IQ in-house telephone, can integrate surveillance and access control through Doorcom IP Network and remotely grant access to visitors. However, it can’t replace an indoor unit but is an extension of the existing indoor intercom system. 

The app operates on a secure Internet connection and embedded digital CCTV, cameras, intercom, and access control devices that enable you to monitor your property and control access to the door remotely. 

The Siedle video door unit offers seeing, hearing, speaking, and remote door release features. A network of doors can be controlled from far away, and surveillance cameras in certain areas can help you keep an eye on everything through your mobile. 

The Siedle app has many exciting attributes that attract potential tenants and property managers. For instance, you can even turn on/off indoor and outdoor lights and control blinds. Standard features are: 

  • Touchless function
  • Video via iPhone can be seen in portrait and landscape format 
  • Portrait and landscape view of the app via iPad 
  • Secure door opener function
  • Microphone muting
  • Volume adjustment 
  • Switching on/off the doormat function
  • Internal calls with access system users 
  • Image storage, retrieve, cope, and delete function 
  • Sending images by email
  • Personal address book
  • Several ringtones 
  • Dashboard with functions that can be customized 

Based on your budget and door intercom needs, you can choose between 10 gateway starter sets. 

Sets With the Siedle App

Siedle has three designs that feature 10 gateway sets. Three sets are solely audio, while the other seven combine audio and video capabilities. These are: 

  • Video-Set Basic
  • Starter-Set Smart Gateway
  • Video-Set Vario
  • Vario-Set Smart Gateway
  • Compact Video-Set Classic
  • Classic-Set Smart Gateway

The Vario line is the most advanced variation, with a customizable design and a wide range of functionalities. Classic sets are a high-quality, contemporary solution to the classic door station. A front panel in solid metal has a loudspeaker grille and buttons. As the name suggests, Siedle Compact lines are designed to encompass the main functions in a compact space. Made of stainless steel, the unit can be surface-mounted and is a great fit for modernization and renovation. 

The Siedle iPhone and iPad Installation in NYC

Linked Security is a full-service security company for residential and commercial properties. If you have any questions about installing an iPhone App to secure your NYC home or business, contact us at (347) 427-5159. We’ll help you choose the best Siedle solution for your situation and needs.

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