ButterflyMX’s Next-Gen Video Intercom Systems

ButterflyMX's Next-Gen Video Intercom Systems

On November 1, 2023, ButterflyMX announced an innovative leap in property access solutions with the unveiling of its next-generation 8-inch and 12-inch video intercom systems. Designed for multifamily residences, gated communities, student housing, and commercial properties, these systems represent a significant evolution in the access control industry, emphasizing ease of use, enhanced security, and seamless integration.

ButterflyMX Video Intercom Systems: Previous vs. Next Generation


Previous Generation

Next Generation

Design & Aesthetics

Functional with a utilitarian design.

Sleek, contoured design enhancing property’s curb appeal.


Standard brightness and resolution LED displays.

Ultra-bright LED displays with high-resolution, capable of producing an astounding 1500 nits of brightness.


High-definition cameras without specific enhancements mentioned.

State-of-the-art 2-megapixel high-definition camera capturing a 156° wide-angle field of view.


Designed to withstand daily use and various weather conditions.

Housing constructed from cast aluminum, resistant to extreme conditions including vandalism, and wide temperature ranges (-40° to +140°F).

Wireless Connectivity

Basic wireless connectivity options.

Advanced wireless connectivity including 5GHz WiFi and low-frequency RFID.

Installation & Compatibility

Compatible with existing setups but without emphasis on easy upgrade paths.

Uses the same wiring as previous systems, ensuring easy upgrades without major modifications.

Ecosystem Integration

Standalone functionality with some integration capabilities.

Deep integration with ButterflyMX’s ecosystem for a unified property access experience.

Access Methods

Standard access methods without detailed mention of advanced options.

Versatile access options including top-rated mobile app, secure PIN codes, and key fobs/cards.


Fusion of Elegance and Functionality

The latest intercoms by ButterflyMX are not just tools for access; they are a statement of style and technological advancement. With an elegant design that marries beauty and durability, these intercoms boast a sleek, contoured form factor that enhances any property’s curb appeal. This aesthetic upgrade is complemented by a suite of functional enhancements, including ultra-bright LED displays and high-definition wide-angle cameras, ensuring every visitor is seen in crystal clear detail.

Enhanced Hardware for Uncompromised Performance

At the heart of ButterflyMX’s innovation are the enhanced hardware features of the 8″ and 12″ video intercom systems. Each model comes equipped with state-of-the-art components like a 2-megapixel high-definition camera offering a 156° wide-angle field of view and versatile wireless connectivity options including 5GHz WiFi and low-frequency RFID. This ensures that regardless of the environmental conditions—be it extreme weather or potential vandalism—the performance remains unparalleled.

Streamlined Installation and Backward Compatibility

Understanding the needs of its extensive customer base, ButterflyMX has ensured that upgrading to the new systems is as seamless as possible. Both the 8″ and 12″ models utilize the same wiring configurations as previous generations, allowing for easy installation without major modifications. This backward compatibility underscores ButterflyMX’s commitment to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Property Access Through Integration

A cornerstone of ButterflyMX’s strategy is its ecosystem of property-wide access control products. The next-generation video intercoms are designed to work harmoniously with other ButterflyMX offerings, such as access control systems, package rooms, elevator controls, vehicle access, and smart lock integrations. This integrated approach not only simplifies property access but also significantly enhances the living, working, and visiting experience across the board.

A Commitment to Simplifying Property Access

ButterflyMX’s mission to simplify property access has been at the forefront of its nearly decade-long journey. With the launch of the next-gen intercoms, ButterflyMX reaffirms its dedication to innovation and customer-centric design. By integrating the latest in technology and prioritizing ease of use, ButterflyMX aims to empower property owners and managers to provide a seamless access experience that meets the high expectations of modern residents and visitors.

A New Era of Access Control

ButterflyMX’s next-generation 8-inch and 12-inch video intercom systems mark a significant milestone in the evolution of property access control. By combining elegant design with advanced technology and seamless ecosystem integration, ButterflyMX sets a new standard for the industry. For property owners and managers looking to enhance security, improve operational efficiency, and elevate the resident experience, ButterflyMX offers a compelling solution that promises to transform the way access is managed across a wide range of properties.

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