Does ButterflyMX Work on Elevators? Overview & Benefits

The tremendous progress that technology has seen over the last few decades has revolutionized our lives and enabled us to evolve alongside it. Technology has accomplished more than anything else to enable humans to live luxurious and convenient lives, from providing advanced security systems to facilitating communication from anywhere in the world. 

The great news is that technology is working in our favor! It is now more affordable and simple than ever to control access to your house with the utmost satisfaction and comfort thanks to developments in security systems. 

In this handy guide, the professional technicians at Linked Security NY will try to ease your concern and explore why you need a smart intercom system in your building and how the ButterflyMX works on elevators. 

What is ButterflyMX?

Specializing in video intercoms and access control, ButterflyMX makes it convenient to access properties. Butterfly intercom panels include a touchscreen interface and are typically installed in the entryway of apartment or condo buildings. With a simple setup and system interfaces into your other property systems, you’ll never miss a delivery or visitor again!

ButterflyMX was created with convenience and safety in mind. Residents can grant access remotely, offer temporary access, and much more. They can also monitor who is at the front entrance or gate of their building. Since property managers can monitor building entrance logs, grant or restrict access, and connect to other cloud-based services, it even improves the tenant experience without compromising control.

By removing the building wiring and in-unit hardware that come with conventional access control systems, developers and owners can significantly decrease installation costs. Moreover, installing access control systems has never been more convenient for installers, as the only connections needed for ButterflyMX products are internet access, power, and a lock.

Why Do You Need a Smart Intercom System in Your Building?

Both the National Apartment Association and the National Multifamily Housing Council report that renters consider security-related amenities to be their top priority. Therefore, the smart video intercom installation is a low-cost convenience that enhances residents’ quality of life by enabling renters to talk with guests before permitting them entry. The proper intercom can also improve the simplicity of residents’ lives by enabling them to effortlessly provide access to visitors such as family members, friends, or delivery personnel.

Thus further, if you intend to delight yourself personally, secure your property, and improve property management responsibilities, investing in a smart intercom system for your apartment is a wise choice.

Residents won’t have to worry about keys and padlocks thanks to a smart video intercom that allows door opening directly from a smartphone. Contemporary smart intercoms are built for modern life, allowing users of all ages to utilize a smartphone app to accept video calls and open the door with a single touch.

The fact that almost 40% of Americans have experienced parcel theft at least once makes parcel theft a major worry for renters as more people purchase online. You may grant delivery personnel access to your property while protecting it from package thieves with intelligent video intercom systems. 

For each delivery service, you can generate a different PIN using the ButterflyMX video intercom. Delivery personnel can enter the premises with ease and leave packages in a secure location thanks to these PINs.

Does ButterflyMX Work on Elevators?

We are living in an age of simplicity, where anything is accessible at the touch of a finger. We are now witnessing a shift from high-touch to high-tech conveniences as individual preferences evolve. The most important features for individuals, who are primarily millennials, are tech-forward amenities that provide security and convenience. So, you have a fantastic opportunity to improve your quality of life by installing a smart video intercom system that is integrated into the elevator control system.

Everyone agrees that while key-fobbed elevators are undoubtedly safer when there is no one in the lobby to verify credentials, it is inconvenient for renters who should walk downstairs to greet their guests to get them onto their floor.

The ButterflyMX smart video intercom interacts seamlessly with elevator control systems to address this issue. As a result, anytime a tenant permits a guest to enter the building, the smart intercom instantly unlocks the elevator temporarily for the floor that the resident is currently on.

While the smartphone app allows residents to quickly and easily unlock their key-fob-equipped elevator for themselves or a visitor at any time, the smart intercom only allows entry to the floor where the person resides, keeping access to all other floors in your housing complex secure.

Benefits of Using ButterflyMX in Elevators

Improved security

Incorporating new technological developments such as installing video and voice intercom systems and using ButterflyMX in elevators provides solutions for contemporary life and enables landlords and property managers to remain on top of concerns while constructing a pleasant environment. 

Security is a primary issue for many homeowners and commercial tenants. Implementing ButterflyMX in elevators is a straightforward solution that immediately raises the bar on convenience and safety.

Enhanced user experience

By leveraging ButterflyMX, elevators may be unlocked using both touchscreen hardware and a mobile application, providing tenants and visitors with a seamless building access experience. 

Elevator doors can be opened by renters and residents without touching anything. When their hands are occupied, they can use their voice, thanks to integrations with Siri and Alexa, to complete this activity. Additionally, if users forget their phones, they may still unlock the elevator using the Apple Watch app.

Streamlined visitor access

The smart intercom immediately unlocks the elevator for the floor that the tenant is on once they allow a visitor to get inside. While the smartphone app enables residents to swiftly and simply unlock their key-fob-equipped elevator for themselves or a visitor, the smart intercom only permits entry to the floor where the individual resides, keeping access to all other floors in your apartment building secure.

User-friendly interface

To satisfy user expectations and promote the efficient operation of the system, ButterflyMX acknowledges the importance of a user-friendly interface. Consequently, through contrast in graphics, clean design, and responsiveness, its well-executed user interface allows efficient interaction between the user and the system. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, ButterflyMX is employed continually at premises across the continent in novel and exciting ways. ButterflyMX is reinventing entry into and around buildings throughout the world, from addressing package delivery issues to enhancing amenity access and basic security.

In addition to delivering individualized and specialized security solutions to all of our clients, Linked Security is pleased to collaborate with ButterflyMX and help you improve your quality of life by offering an incredibly great service! In light of this, we have improved our ability to serve you by designing and putting in place security mechanisms that are more exact, accurate, and effective.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to invest in a smart intercom system for your NYC apartment! We’ll help you make property access more straightforward to delight guests, safeguard your property, and simplify property management responsibilities. 

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