Dome Vs. Bullet Camera – Differences and Similarities

Linked Security is often asked: What is the best vandal dome or bullet camera? In this post, we’ll try to address the question and start by providing insights into the purpose of each camera.

The Purpose of a Dome Camera” font_container Apart from the obvious, the purpose of the dome camera is to provide a wide range view. With this camera, you can be sure there are no blind spots. You can see that in its dome-shaped design that can cover a large radius of field. Besides, its fluid or streamlined shape can naturally fit many modern homes or buildings. If you want that the camera stays invisible, then the dome camera will perfectly fulfill that goal. Your visitors won’t be able to tell which direction the lens of the camera is pointing. For example, it is often used in:

  • Banks
  • Building exteriors
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Manufacturing sites
  • Hospitals
  • Gas stations


The Purpose of a Bullet Camera

This type of camera has a distinct shape resembling a bullet shell. While a dome camera ensures a wide angle, bullet cameras cover remote areas or long distances. If you want a video surveillance system that is sticking out to let visitors know they are observed, then the bullet camera will achieve that purpose. They are an excellent visible deterrent and are best used in:

  • Parking lots
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hallways
  • Gas stations
  • Manufacturing sites
  • Construction sites

Differences Between the Two Cameras

When considering a CCTV security system for your residential building or business, you have to choose between a dome and a bullet camera. The two have differences and common features you should know about before selecting the best security system.

  • Positioning. The dome camera is discrete, so intruders will have difficulty figuring out the camera’s direction. On the other hand, the bullet camera is more noticeable, making them effective at preventing theft.
  • Angle view. Dome cameras have a varifocal lens that gives a wider angle to the desired distance. Due to the longer shape, bullet cameras typically have larger lenses to accommodate longer distances. The longer the shape, the longer distance is covered.

Dome vs. Bullet Camera Similarities

There are much more similarities than differences between dome and bullet cameras. These cameras make them a great choice for many situations. Available models on the market today include similarities like:

  • Weatherproof. Many outdoor bullet and dome cameras are designed to withstand weather and water. For example, such cameras are often rated IP65, IP66, and IP67. Outdoor dome and bullet cameras may have the function of regulating temperature to run in extreme weather conditions.
  • High resolution. It all comes to the make and model of the camera, but both may deliver high resolution. For instance, modern dome and bullet cameras come with a 2MP and 3MP sensor that can record up to 50% greater detail and video security solutions from 2 to 8 megapixels.
  • Night Vision. Both cameras have integrated infrared (IR) LED illuminations and CMOS sensors. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, bullet cameras can provide the furthest night vision, while the dome ones can operate over 30 meters.
  • Vandal-proof. Although vandal-proof dome cameras are more common, it’s possible to find anti-vandal bullet IP cameras. The latter often comes with a vandal-resistant rating of IK10, meaning the camera will survive a 10 kg hammer. Many dome cameras are also rated IK08 and IK10.

Zoom. Both have optical and digital zoom views.

Choosing the Right Camera

When deciding on the right camera, you’ll have to answer the following questions:

  1. What distance and width have to be covered?
  2. Are there any environmental factors to consider (water-resistant or weatherproof)?
  3. What are visibility needs?
  4. Does installation require cabling? Many will often need supporting equipment and professional system embedding.

At Linked Security, we install security camera systems in New York City that can be tailored to the needs of the client. If you still have questions, talk to our security systems professional to decide what is best for your home or business.

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