Making Your Home Feel Like a Theater

Gone are the days when you had to go to the cinema to watch a movie on the big screen and enjoy a great sound. Now everyone can have a home theater system that can satisfy the needs of most movie geeks (or music lovers). 

Linked Security NY will discuss must-have accessories to make your home feel like a theater.

What Are Must-Have Things Needed for A Home Theater?

You need a dependable audio and video player to process files, discs, and digital signals. Set-top boxes, computers, DVD and Blu-Ray players, and a satellite TV transmitter are good for these purposes.

A Blu-ray player is ideal because it supports all popular high-quality video formats.

An AV receiver ​​is key to the entire audio and video system. It brings together and connects all elements. The AV receiver converts the player’s signal (digital to analog) and transmits the sound to the speakers with high-quality amplification. The device is capable of processing signals from 10 different sources.

The speaker system, with or without a subwoofer, has several configurations. The most common schemes are 5.1, 7.2, and 9.1. The first number indicates the number of speakers, and the second – is the number of subwoofers. The presence of the latter seriously affects the sound quality, as they are tuned for optimal transmission of infrasound and low frequencies, which standard speakers fail to produce.

  • A tip. Get at least 5.1 speakers; this guarantees high-quality surround sound. Opt for speakers made from wood rather than plastic to avoid sound distortion.

Speakers can be the center, front left, and front right. They are placed along the room perimeter. The power level is selected depending on its size. For example, 100 W is enough for rooms up to 30 sq. m., or 150 W for spaces up to 40 sq. m.

A screen can be a TV (plasma, LCD) or a projector. It is desirable to have a large diagonal with a wide viewing angle to achieve the best viewing effect.

Home Theater Must-Haves for a Standard Set

The budget option affordable for the average buyer includes:

  • receiver
  • speaker set

There are two ways to save money. You can purchase an inexpensive ready-made home theater kit or assemble the entire system yourself by simply purchasing the missing elements.

The second option has certain advantages: you can choose all the components to your taste.

Many home users already have a TV, video player, and speakers (usually two). They will only need to purchase a receiver and additional acoustics: the missing number of speakers and a subwoofer. You will also need wires to connect all the elements of the system.

What Are The Bells and Whistles?

Various additional functions can be built into the receiver to enhance the entire home theater experience.

These are:

  • Wireless connections (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) allow you to transfer music and videos from smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices. You can watch Internet broadcasts through the built-in browser.
  • Loudness (quality listening at low volumes) and phono correction greatly expand the capabilities of the system.
  • Support for 3D format allows experiencing all the highlights of videos and movies without going to the cinema.
  • FM tuner, so you can listen to and record radio stations.
  • Karaoke, but some systems do not come with a microphone.
  • Dedicated wireless modules for connecting rear and side speakers. This eliminates unnecessary wires.
  • Support for external USB media allows you to use flash cards.

A tip: The systems of well-known manufacturers, such as Sony, Samsung, and LG, are known for their quality and have home theaters for budget and premium segments.


Not everyone can assemble and install all the components of the home theater. An untrained person will get lost in the abundance of wires and amplification units. 

Your room square area is one of the factors in play when deciding whether to hire a pro or go for a DIY project. For instance, installing the audio system with the entire mass of speakers in a small room isn’t easy at all. To achieve better acoustics, it is a must to soundproof your movie room. 

Experts at Linked Security will offer the best audio and video speaker installation no matter where you are in New York City. 

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