Plug-and-Play Connectivity for Video Meetings

Today we can arrange conferences or video meetings online without much trouble. We connect different devices to computers, and they start working immediately. This is possible thanks to plug-and-play connectivity. 

Projectors, microphones, printers, and even control systems for lighting or shades can seamlessly integrate with any computer system automatically. Online or offline board meetings would have been hard to run without a plug-and-play tool.  

What is Exactly Plug-and-Play?

Plug and Play (PnP) is an operating system that allows hardware connectivity through automatic device automation and detection. Before the system, users had to manually adjust complex settings for hardware (e.g., projectors) to run correctly. Physical configuration isn’t necessary today unless a device you are connecting to a computer can’t be automatically recognized. 


Computer programmers knew how challenging it was to engage a new device with the computer system. They would spend considerable time installing hardware, then loading software, configuring and automating hardware and BIOS, troubleshooting, and rebooting. Fortunately, this went on new rails with the emergence of plug-and-play connectivity. 


PnP became a trending feature after its introduction in the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system. Consequently, the swift increase of Windows-based computers made plug-and-play virtually universal. 

As a brand-new operating system, it wasn’t ideal. The devices sometimes would fail to self-configure. But things changed with the ID implementation, enabling hardware to better recognize and receive components. General issues disappeared with the new operating system leading to a user-friendly experience. 

Plug-and-Play and Video Conferencing 

Conference room AV solutions are impossible without a plug-and-play tool that integrates with the operating system and the BIOS. 

The coolest thing about it is that the way it works is totally concealed to end-users. You simply plug your laptop into any device to get high-end video and audio. Anyone during the meeting can share a video no matter where they are. 

To illustrate, let’s imagine you want to connect your cell phone or USB stick to a laptop to deliver an engaging presentation. The operating system will automatically detect the change, identify and load it to make it work. Processes like configuration are almost invisible, but the result is that everything works together. 

Connecting Your Device and Starting a Productive Meeting

The AI technology revolutionized experiences with audio and video in real-time, bringing value to its participants. 

At Linked Security, we work with the leading technology vendors like Logitech, Polycom, Smart, and ViewSonic to create large conference gatherings, smart mini or huddle rooms that keep track of who’s in the meeting, who’s talking, and where the meeting is taking place. Regardless of the brand, you can be sure that anything from conference cameras, headsets, room solutions, webcams, collaboration tools, and accessories will work seamlessly. 

All these brands are compatible with Google Workspace, Microsoft, and Zoom, so you can easily create plug-and-play video meetings. 

Choosing the Right Plug-and-Play Video Conferencing

The choice of the right plug-and video conferencing solution depends on many factors. For example, you may solely opt for Logitech hardware and software or add integration with other vendors. 

If you already have an existing technology, you may consider vendors that offer API integrations like Polycom and others. Otherwise, you can use video conferencing as a service. 

Once you decide which video conferencing set-up you need and how you are going to implement it in your business operations, the next thing is to think about the ease of use. Employees appreciate fast and simple video experiences. They want to launch the video conferencing software right away when using any kind of hardware. 

That’s why plug-and-play conferencing room kits are in high demand. Easy set-up processes are the key to adoption in a modern world where your employees won’t have immediate access to IT technicians when an issue arises. The PnP technology should work seamlessly regardless of the tools and systems your employees prefer to use. 

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