Smart Intercoms – Our Team’s Top Choices

Smart Intercom Systems with ButterflyMX and Doorbird

Smart intercom systems are clearly the present and future of the intercom industry. More and more buildings and residents see the value in having your front door communicate with your mobile device, in having some level of access control, and in a product that continuously gets updated. In 2023 our rate of traditional video intercom installations VS. smart intercom installations, in multi-residential buildings, has been around 60/40 in favor of the first.

This year however, so far we can already see a huge increase in requests for smart intercom systems and our rate is now 70/30 in favor of the smart systems.

What changed? Nothing really, it’s just a continuation of the trend we have been seeing in the recent few years.

Doorbird front door unit

If you have been looking around and doing some research for a new buzzer and intercom system for your building, I am certain you have learned about the many benefits of a smart system. In this article we won’t dive into the comparison between traditional video buzzer systems and smart intercom systems (we have done it in past articles), but instead, we have asked our team to choose their favorite 2 systems and we will explain you the differences between them. Get ready to the Battle of Intercoms 2nd edition!

Smart intercoms – ButterflyMX

Our team’s first obvious choice was the ButterflyMX smart intercom system. Butterfly is a NY local company that has grown super-fast since it was established and has captured the hearts of both installers and tenants.

It has a beautiful bright touchscreen panel that invites the visitor to interact with the intercom by searching and calling the tenant, entering a code, calling the management, or using some other features. It has a great mobile app, and it can integrate with different management software – which makes it also a favorite of management companies.

Smart intercoms – Doorbird

Our team’s 2nd choice was the originally-from-Germany Doorbird intercom system, recently bought by a big USA-based company which injected it with a fresh cash flow. Doorbird offers a beautiful yet simple German design, as well as the option to customize panels to fit your style. It has built-in access control features, and its app is designed not only for the end users, but also for the installers and administrators, and practically allows you to manage your building on the go.

So Let’s take a closer look at the main differences and similarities between the two and understand why these two made it to the top of the list:

DesignVery impressive touch panel with great responsiveness and full color, comes in 12” or 8” versions, surface or flush mounted. No customization.       Our Score: 4/5Many options for the design of this panel – A basic panel with call buttons for each apt, an all-in-one panel with a digital directory and a keypad, or a fully customized panel. More than 20 finishes are available. No touch screen model.   Our Score: 4/5
Hardware1080p camera wide-angle, built-in RFID (newest models) for access control, 4 on-panel relays, high-quality touch screen.   Our Score: 5/5720p camera (in the D21xx models) with a 180-degree angle, built-in RFID reader for access control, POE capability, and 2 on-panel relays to control 2 doors separately.   Our Score: 4/5
APPVideo calls, swipe to unlock the door, call log, send virtual keys, package delivery notification (requires additional hardware and software), super-fast connectivity between door and phone.   Our Score: 5/5Video calls, swipe to unlock the door, call log, change PIN, invite additional family members, full system administration.         Our Score: 4/5
IntegrationApple watch, many management software and platforms, PDK, and Dorma Kabba for access control, Brilliant. Alexa and Siri for the app     Our Score: 4/5Control4 and Crestron automation, the camera can be recorded on local NVRs, integrated with a variety of smart locks, variety of VOIP phones. Open API for developers.   Our Score: 5/5
Additional available productsElevator control, package room software, full access control system     Our Score: 5/5Access control units, pedestals, and other mounting hardware in-apartments intercom stations, and single button panels   Our Score: 5/5
Hardware and installation costs$$$$$$
Software costs$$$$$$
Overall reliability5/54/5
Customer satisfaction5/54/5

Here are the results:

ButterflyMX offers best-in-class performance but only comes in a few shapes and with a high price tag. Therefore we recommend this system for bigger buildings that can share the costs between many units. Usually in large buildings, the need for customization is also smaller, and there’s a need for integration with property management companies, again making the ButterflyMX entry system the better choice between the two.

Doorbird offers more customization, better integration, and at a more affordable price. Therefore, it is our choice for smaller buildings, and even for single home installations. Owners of units in 2-20-family homes can enjoy great smart features without breaking the bank. Doorbird will deliver. It also allows easy self-management for those who do not have a management company.

So to conclude, both ButterflyMX and Doorbird are great options if you’re considering upgrading your intercom system to a smart entry system. Both offer a very good app, awesome access control features, and all in all great experience. If you’re a bigger building, 20 units and up, we would recommend going with ButterflyMX. If you’re a smaller building, Doorbird would be our first choice. But of course, everything goes, and you can install these systems in any building. At the end of the day, here at Linked Security, we believe in finding the best solution that fits your needs, not ours.

Yonatan Yekutiel, CEO

Linked Security

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