How to Prevent Home Vandalism

Home Vandalism

Home Vandalism costs individuals, companies, schools, and other organizations more than $15 billion annually. Even the U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that a single act of vandalism costs $3,370 on average. 

Because home vandalism harms or destroys assets that people depend on or value, it can have an impact on their quality of life. Vandalism might be a symptom of a more serious or pervasive issue in the community. Most people consider vandalism to be a “broken windows” infraction that could develop into other, more serious crimes. 

As your dependable security professionals and devoted partners in high-quality protection, Linked Security is ready to give workable solutions to keep your home safe from vandalism.

By adopting these preventative measures, you may rest easy knowing that your valuables are safe from vandals. So, let’s further dive into details! 

Understanding Vandalism: Key Considerations & Patterns 

Vandalism does not result in pointless property harm as people commit vandalism for a variety of reasons, such as to send a message, to let out

their frustration, for the sake of revenge, to earn money, or as part of a game. The perpetrators may act alone or as a part of a dispersed or formalized organization.

Vandalism is frequently committed in the late hours of the night when there is little to no surveillance at nearby companies and other properties. Additionally, after-school hours are typical, especially for young vandals. 

Public areas and private assets that are visible to the general public are the most frequently targeted areas for vandalism. Graffiti or vandalism are also common targets on properties where no one has specific responsibility for the neighborhood or where security seems to be lacking. 

Unsurprisingly, large, plain, light-colored surfaces are frequently the target of vandalism, including trains, buses, bus stops, traffic signs, freeway sides, park benches, billboards, empty properties, schools, and other similar structures. Unfortunately, the property that has been vandalized once is more likely to be vandalized again, just like with other crimes.

4 Common Types of Home Vandalism

Even if owning a home is challenging enough, having vandalism damage to your property makes it even harder. Therefore, if you are interested in what forms of vandalism damage can occur to your property, here is a list with further information: 

  1. Graffiti 

Vandals occasionally perceive the siding of your home as a blank canvas, regardless of whether there may be graffiti on billboards along the highway or in the streets. 

Graffiti vandals employ a range of tools to brand or tag property, including spray paint, broad-tipped markers, metal objects, etching pens, and shoe polish bottles. Acid is applied to surfaces by vandals using etching pens and shoe polish bottles. Acid graffiti is exceedingly dangerous to people who come into contact with it and permanently ruins glass and metal surfaces.

Finding a trustworthy restoration company to handle the damages and make sure your homeowner’s insurance company will pay for them is essential because graffiti is very difficult to remove on your own.

  1. Property Damage

Another frequent type of vandalism is property damage, such as broken fence posts or shattered windows. Regardless of whether you are the victim of random vandalism or an act of retaliation, property damage can feel like an invasion of your privacy and can be quite expensive to fix. 

For the sake of efficiency, there are 4 categories of damage that an impacted home may fall under destroyed, significant, minor, or affected categories.

  1. Arson 

Your entire home may be destroyed by arson, often known as fire damage. Property that has been intentionally burned or charred is referred to as arson. The cost of repairing this type of property damage is unquestionably the highest, regardless of whether you were the target of a deliberate attack or the victim of random arson vandalism.

  1. Tenant Vandalism

When you rent out your property, there is a chance that tenant vandalism will take place. Some occurrences of this might be graffiti, broken windows, wall holes, fire, water system damage, etc. 

You might make an insurance claim to have the tenant’s vandalism damage covered, depending on your insurance policy, whether it is ordinary homeowner’s insurance or specialized landlord insurance. All things considered, dealing with vandalism damage can be challenging, expensive, and feel like a violation of your and your family’s privacy.

5 Preventative Measures For Eliminating Home Vandalism 

Even though it can be challenging to make plans for vandalism, you can take preventative measures to ensure your safety by making sure you have the following considerations in place: 

  1. Set your boundaries 

Everyone who crosses that line without your permission or invitation is trespassing, so set some boundaries and mark your domain. 

There are several ways to accomplish this, including using a low fence, wall, hedge, flowerbed, or small plants. It is best to stay away from rockeries or big stones because vandals might utilize them. Moreover, if you’re having your driveway painted, paint it a different shade from the road.

If you decide to add a smart access system to your property to improve access, you’ll be glad to know that Linked Security provides cutting-edge access control system solutions with the ideal balance of security, convenience, and reliability.

  1. Invest in a home surveillance system

One of the most effective strategies to prevent home vandalism is to invest in a home security system, as it serves as the most fundamental preventative measure and provides families with a sense of security. Even statistics reveal that criminals tend to stay away from premises with surveillance equipment since they’re able to immediately notice visible security cameras.

Although security system technology is always evolving, professional monitoring by professionals who have undergone extensive training and experience ensures that your system is constantly under surveillance and that any potential vandalism-related security breaches will be dealt with right away.

In light of this, you can take comfort in knowing that Linked Security, regarded as the best home security company in New York, is successfully protecting your family and possessions from any potential act of vandalism.

  1. Strengthen lighting 

Increasing the lights on your property is a surprisingly effective strategy for preventing vandalism. It prevents potential vandals from hiding before or during any effort to damage your property on their own. 

Yet, security cameras and lighting work well with each other. Even though current security cameras are great at monitoring property in the dark, a well-lit area can improve the information obtained in a surveillance video after the fact. When attempting to identify criminals or even just reviewing your general security threats, this gives you or law enforcement better proof to refer to.

  1. Integrate alarm into your security system 

Modern alarm systems work by sending out an alert whenever there is movement near your home while the alarm is set and functioning. 

Place the sensors in key areas where vandals are more likely to try to commit vandalism, such as the windows and entrances.

As a result of the alarm system’s ability to notify you and your neighbors that the house is protected, it is believed that vandals will be discouraged from harming a property.

  1. Employ break-resistant glass

Several vandals attack the window with rocks they toss from a distance. Installing windows with break-resistant glass could help you avoid costly repairs. As a result, vandals won’t target your home because it will be too tough for them to enter.

Final Thoughts 

As you can see, a sophisticated home security system is a core idea intended to keep criminals out of your house. Hence, if you’re wondering how to make your home more secure, cease your search right here and let the qualified professionals at Linked Security take care of your safety needs! Your mind may be at ease now that you are aware of the superior, expert security system installation services we provide in NYC to ensure your maximum protection. 

The experts at Connected Security will serve as your loyal allies in advance protection, assisting you with practical safety tips that incorporate the most significant technological advancements to reduce the risk of home vandalism. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help installing your home security system. 

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