What is a Biometric Door Lock?

Biometric locks are based on the biometric recognition system that allows identifying a person or his specific physiological attributes like a fingerprint or face. It uses hardware data acquisition systems that integrate with software components activating data analysis through mathematical algorithms. It sounds pretty tough. And it is. That’s why biometric locks are considered the best, providing a high level of security. 

Next, Linked Security will talk about how biometric door locks work and the best fingerprint locks for homes and businesses. 

Mechanism Behind Biometric Locks

The biometric door lock can be broken into three parts: external, internal, and battery. The outer part contains a biometric scanner to identify a fingerprint; some models include a screen and a keyboard. The inner part has a microcontroller with a memory chip to store the owner’s fingerprints. Finally, there’s a battery compartment. 

Like conventional locks, biometric locks can be mortise, lever handles, padlock, and deadbolt. Such a lock has no holes, so it’s almost impossible to pick or break it. Or, an intruder will have to put much effort into compromising the mechanism.

Types of Biometric Door Locks

You will find various types of biometric door locks on the market, which use the following five types of recognition and identification. 

  • Fingerprint Scanning Technology
  • Palm Recognition Device
  • Eye or Iris Recognition Technology
  • Voice Identification System
  • Facial Recognition System

According to Biometric Update, the global market for biometric locks reached $3.3 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $17.9 billion by 2027. And technology is constantly evolving. More companies are improving high-security cameras with facial recognition or locks that can better combine fingerprint recognition and RFID identification.

The Best Biometric Door Lock

How to choose the best biometric door lock? That’s a legit question to ask, and we’ll try to answer it. Typically, it boils down to where you want to install the lock and the level of security required. For example, a fingerprint door lock for a bedroom will fall under different criteria than a door lock for a business or office. Or, exterior locks will have to be more theft and vandal resistant than interior locks. 

Fingerprint Door Lock for a Bedroom

Fingerprint door locks for bedrooms are not so common, but if you need extra security, you may opt for a biometric doorknob. Doorknobs are widely used for bedrooms and other interior doors. Families with children may use these locks to restrict entrance to a room with expensive equipment. The benefit of using such a lock in the bathroom is that your spouse can also access the bathroom without having you open it while you are showering.  

There are many fingerprint doorbells on Amazon. For example, RKNHXAJ Fingerprint Keyless Smart Door Lock is a great choice. There’s a fingerprint sensor capability for more than one person in your house. If a fingerprint sensor fails, you can unlock the door with a card or key or via the keypad number code.

Similar products: 

Fingerprint Door Lock for Business or Office

The best fingerprint door locks for businesses or offices are the ones that are deadbolt-based and have a keypad. The best sellers in New York City are: 

Biometric Door Lock With a Camera

A biometric door lock with a camera is still a new concept, so you won’t find many vendors with the product on the market. The only reliable biometric door lock with a built-in camera in our view is Lockly’s Smart Deadbolt Wi-Fi Door Lock with a fingerprint scanner, digital keypad, voice, and mobile app control. Yet, you can find a wide choice of video doorbells from various vendors like Arlo, Yale, Ring, Google Nest, and more, including Lockly. 

Do I Need a Locksmith to Install a Biometric Door Lock?

Some fingerprint door locks are easy to install and may not require locksmith services. However, locks with a more complex system need professional help. With that said, the benefit of contracting a locksmith is beyond installation. First of all, you need an experienced lock technician for consultation on which biometric locks work best in your situation.  

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