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commercial security systems in NYC

New York, NYC Business Security Systems & Solutions    

For most New York, NYC business owners, building security is a top priority for safety and asset protection.  If you run an office or company in the heart of New York, NYC, with a population of 8.4 million, then you know that threats to your business (physical or cyber) can happen at any time.  For the past 5 years, Linked Security NY has been helping Manhattan businesses such as retail stores, commercial buildings, and warehouses safeguard against intruder burglaries, liability, unauthorized entry access, fraudulent injury claims (via video surveillance footage), internal employee theft, vandalism, and shoplifting just to name a few.   

When was the last time you had a security risk assessment? 

We can help you address and protect against gaps or vulnerabilities that may exist in your current security system operations. We can also help you to fully integrate your systems with each other on one simple to manage, unified software platform.


Advanced Security System Solutions for New York, NYC Area Businesses

Our expertise lies in integrating the latest security systems solutions such as digital video recorders (DVR), surveillance, access control, commercial alarm intrusion detection, intercoms, and door buzzers systems into a comprehensive building operations defense system. We support our innovative product offerings with a full suite of security services ranging from planning, design, installation, repair, maintenance, and monitoring for the most complete electronic and physical building security solutions.  

Our office is in Brooklyn and we serve all parts of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx 

When you decide to hire Linked Security NY as your commercial security solutions installer in New York, NYC, you’ll work with an industry-leading provider of cutting-edge systems that has a team of certified technicians ready to tackle the security challenges your company faces. 

Modern Manhattan buildings need a fully controlled security environment.    

Depending on the size and needs of your office or building, we can design customized high-security access control, intercom, alarm, and surveillance systems that will prepare you to address all building security risk factors. Have confidence knowing that Linked Security NY has got your back in helping to guard against both internal and external security issues.    

Countless advantages for your New York, NYC business


Our combination of state-of-the-art business alarm, CCTV, and access control systems, advanced technologies, and unmatched expertise allow us to provide results that other New York, NYC security firms cannot deliver. We will keep your system operating in peak condition by providing repair and replacement services as well as using products backed by manufacturer warranties– including free ongoing software upgrades. You’ll also have access to data that will prove useful in catching criminals perpetrating crimes against your company.  

You can use our security installation services in the surrounding 5 boroughs.   

If your company is growing and planning to open a new office in Brooklyn or Queens, Linked Security NY can provide the same level of services in the surrounding 5 boroughs outside of Manhattan. Once you work with us as your trusted security solutions partner, you will benefit from our quick response times and consistency, and eliminate the hassle of searching and vetting a long list of security firms.   

Security Solutions For Your Business

Linked Security NY offers a complete range of security solutions and integrated services to monitor and protect your business, your employees, and your valuable assets. If your location involves extensive foot traffic from visitors, customers, or employees, you will understand the value of managed access control systems: 

Intercom Entry Systems

Intercom systems allow you to safeguard and vet who enters your building as well as monitor traffic. Linked Security NY works with several leading manufacturing brands that make a diverse range of intercom systems designed to fit every type of budget.  We can install all kinds including wired and wireless intercoms, video intercom systems, touch screen devices, and more. 

Access Control Systems


Most businesses will have private and sensitive areas that need to be protected by only letting authorized users enter and building access control technologies are made for this purpose. Linked Security NY installs: Proximity readers, internal door wireless locks, fobs, keypads, mobile access systems, Biometric readers, ID badge card swipes, and facial recognition methods. We also offer cloud-based access-managed software that allows you to manage remote-control doors and sensitive areas, to record who enters and exits your business. 

Security Cameras & Video Surveillance

It’s important for any New York, NYC business owner, to have the ability to monitor and keep an eye on your building 24/7 to reduce fraud, break-ins, and theft and protect valuable assets. This may include monitoring remote entrances using closed-circuit television. Linked Security NY helps companies located in New York, NYC install the latest video surveillance and security cameras for crime prevention, monitoring, and compliance, as well as for insurance and liability purposes. Some of the types of surveillance products we offer include high-resolution CCTV security camera systems, analog cameras, digital video recordings (DVR), IP cameras, network video recordings (NVR) cloud-hosted video storage, and remote viewing systems that allow you to view your footage from a mobile device.   

Security System Integrations and Remote Access

integrationsBy integrating all the components of a company’s security system together, you can manage the business in a more efficient manner by utilizing remote access system technologies and having real-time monitoring, and control of the property. When you combine and integrate access control entry systems with video surveillance, you have the ability to view recorded and live video footage of all authorized entry and exit logs as well as any attempted unauthorized entry, which gives you a complete security view of what is happening. Compared to just using each system separately.  

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