Onsite Physical Security System Consulting & Risk Assessment in New York, NYC


Linked Security NY has years of experience designing and installing complete security solutions for all kinds of businesses large and small throughout New York, NYC and the surrounding boroughs.  We make sure to stay up to date with the latest trends in new technologies, compliance, regulations, and security best practices. We also know that not every New York, NYC corporation or building facility is going to have the exact same security requirements and challenges. New York, NYC organizations can no longer treat security as a separate part of the business. Companies must blend their business goals with their security goals to align synergies and streamline processes. 

How do you know if your security systems have vulnerabilities, are outdated, or are up to par?  

That is why Linked Security NY offers local businesses free onsite security assessments, which include an audit and analysis of your current security system operations. In this assessment, we can also learn the needs of your facility and make a recommendation plan to address any security vulnerability gaps and operational inefficiencies. A comprehensive building security system may include a variety of security controls, such as intercoms, access control systems, physical locks, intelligent locks, fences, a CCTV video system, security guards, proper lighting, and alarms, among other components.    

Our professional security advisors can prepare a comprehensive security risk assessment, based on your current security policies and security systems in place. A building’s physical security is the system of technology, hardware components, and practices that protects the physical assets within your space, including doors, entry points, resources, equipment, people, proprietary data, files, and other hardware. 

What kind of resources/assets exist on your site?

  • Buildings 
  • Building Infrastructure (HVAC/Building Systems) 
  • Digital Infrastructure (Networks/Data Centers) 
  • Operational Equipment (Manufacturing Equipment/Fleet Vehicles) 
  • Inventory/Warehouse/Supply Chain 
  • Intellectual Property 
  • Strategic Knowledge (R&D/Marketing /Operational) 
  • Reputation and Brand 
  • Executive Leadership     


This risk assessment consultation can be used to prioritize what can be improved (based on levels of potential risk) and how security operations and procedures will be managed. Linked Security NY understands the different kinds of risks your business can face on a daily basis, and can be a trusted security partner to develop best in class comprehensive security solutions.

Before a business can determine what the right security solutions are, some fundamental questions must be asked: 

  • What am I looking to protect? 
  • What do I want to protect it from? 
  • Do you have a security system in place?
  • How many non-badged visitors do you receive each day at your site?
  • How do I prevent an incident or risk from happening? 
  • If something does happen, how can it be contained? 
  • How do I recover from it? 

security assessment

Linked Security NY designs security solutions that will align with and add value to your company’s approach to managing security. We accomplish this through a diverse range of services designed to tackle various security challenges such as internal/ external theft, asset protection, employee protection and safety, vandalism, other vulnerabilities. Some of our security services that may be offered include intercoms, access control, video camera surveillance, visitor management, employee personal safety, system monitoring, and more.  When deciding to upgrade your building’s security systems, consulting with highly skilled professionals before your project begins can make a big difference. Linked Security NY can work with your business to plan and implement comprehensive security system that minimizes upfront deployment costs while achieving your desired level of security and protection.     

What security programs currently exist in your organization, and how effective do you consider those programs? 

  • Background screening
  • Cash handling security
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Incident investigations 
  • Lighting for security and safety
  • Package and Bag Screening / Delivery Control
  • Perimeter Protection 
  • Posted Security Staff
  • Security Patrols and Incident Response
  • Threat and External Event Analysis and Awareness
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Program


Our onsite physical security risk assessment audits are designed to uncover a variety of loopholes, weaknesses, or potential problems associated with your system or your procedures. Areas can include:

  • Security risk identification and analysis 
  • Threat and vulnerability assessment
  • Analysis of current security programs 
  • Analysis of physical security systems 
  • Analysis of electronic security systems
  • A list of recommended security improvements which may include product and system options and identifies critical features needed to reach your goals
  • A free cost estimate for and detailed implementation timeline of the recommended security plan 

Conducting a physical security assessment shows you exactly what the security gaps in your facility are, which could mean that you have to invest in more advanced system equipment or better operational guidelines. Our assessments help determine initial security risks, and opportunities for mitigation and program improvement.  We have worked with clients ranging from property management companies and small retail chains to large holding companies and educational facilities, giving us the experience needed to identify security issues for any type of facility and recommend effective solutions.

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