Office door buzzer system for Financial District Office in Manhattan


A top financing company in FI-DI (New York, NYC’s Financial District) has asked us to secure 3 doors in their offices and install a door buzzer system with keyless entry on 3 doors.

When installing a buzzer system we need to consider a few factors:

  1. The type of doors and door hardware (locks) we are working with.
  2. The level of security required
  3. The way the customer wants to unlock/lock the door

On most doors, we can install an electric strike which is an electric device that engages with the existing mechanical lock that is installed on the door. If the door does not have a mechanical lock or in cases where extra security is needed, we can install a magnetic lock which is a lock that uses electricity to create a strong magnetic field and hold the door locked.

Any type of keyless lock system we install will work with several door release devices such as keypads, key switches, remote controls, Bluetooth-operated devices that work with your phone, and much more.

In this location, we installed a keypad for each door, along with remote controls to unlock the door from anywhere in the office. This gave the customer the ability to let people in their office without getting up to open the secure room.

This project included:

  • Installation in a busy office environment during business hours
  • The wire running through drywall and modular ceilings
  • Wood door work and frame cutting
  • Keypad programming for numerous access codes
  • Magnetic lock installation on wood and glass doors

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