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Linked Security NY is one of New York, NYC leading providers of advanced, high-security solutions customized for today’s business and residential properties.

Our New York, NYC security system services include the repair and installation of:
• Access Control Systems  • Video Intercom Systems  • Door Buzzers  • Surveillance CCTV Systems  • Alarm Systems  • Locksmith Services  Structured Data and Telecom Wiring Services • Home Theater & Speaker Installation • Conference Room AV Solutions


Intercom Systems

We’ve been installing intercom systems around New York, NYC for many years and we’ll be happy to help you upgrade your current intercom system or to install a new one.

We install & repair: Single Family Intercom, Multi-Tenant Intercom, Commercial office intercoms, Audio intercoms, Video Intercom systems, Hands-Free Monitor, Touch Screen Devices, Phone Directory Intercoms, IP Intercoms.

Door Buzzer Systems

Linked Security NY offers door buzzer repair and installation solutions and products for New York, NYC local businesses and residential buildings. Whether you are working at a storefront or an office, renovating a residential building, or working on a new development… if you need to increase security and control who enters your space – we will provide the system for your building and tenant’s needs!


CCTV / Security Cameras

Video Surveillance Systems are an integral part of any New York, NYC building/store/organization’s security system. Closed Circuit Cameras let you monitor sensitive and critical locations around your facility, prevent crime or merchandise loss, record and report employees’ or tenants’ fraudulent activity, and give you some peace of mind knowing you can view and monitor your assets from wherever you are at any time.

Alarm Systems

An intrusion alarm system is one of the most effective ways to protect your assets, your family and yourself.  A well designed system will include a couple of layers of defense or detection, will be easy and simple to operate, and will be connected to the right central monitoring station.

A burglary alarm system can start as small as a door contactmotion sensor and alarm keypad for a small office, and grow as big as you can imagine. Technology these days offers many solutions for any kind of facility or terrain and here at Linked Security we always keep up to date with the latest innovations in the industry.


Access Control Systems

Whether you’re a New York, NYC building owner who would like to upgrade his building or a CEO of a 1000-employee company who is interested in access securing and monitoring, Linked Security can offer anything from low-budget single-door solutions to multi-door high-end controlling and monitoring.
Access to your New York, NYC building all starts with best-in-class magnetic locks, long-range card readers, and smart mobile phone access control Software, our product range makes it easy for you and your organization to control who can go where and when. 

Structured Cabling

Linked security NY can install structured data to power and act as the backbone of your building’s security system or communication and power your phones, network, and hotspots.  Structured cabling includes network cabling, voice and data cabling, ethernet cabling, or network wiring. The structured cabling system provides a complete telecommunications infrastructure via copper, fiber optic, or voice wiring and provides the power for your phones, computers, wireless access points, video conferencing systems, security cameras, and copy machines to your phone and data network. Linked Security NY can set up structured cabling for different purposes like networking in an office or wiring a new residential building in Brooklyn or New York, NYC.

Structured data and telecom wiring services in NYC

A/V systems

We specialize in providing both affordable and enterprise-level AV solutions for New York, NYC corporate offices, satellite locations, coworking spaces, and enterprise businesses. We are a leader in designing and implementing the audio-visual solutions that modern operations demand.  Bridge the gap between in-person and remote meetings by delivering a seamless collaboration across the organization.

Home Theater & Speaker Installations

Linked Security NY installs wireless home audio speaker systems, home theater systems, smart home automation systems, mounting LCD TV, Plasma TV, LED TV, speakers, Sonos systems, whole house audio and video systems and multi-room systems in New York, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. Linked Security NY sets up several types of audio and video technology equipment system, which includes wiring, mounting, configuring, and installing it for residential apartments and homes.


Locksmith Services

Linked Security provides 24-hour locksmith services & business security solutions in the New York, NYC area. We service both residential and commercial locksmithing requests to all of New York City, our host of clients ranges from property management, commercial offices, education facilities, retail stores, government offices, hospitals, and more.

Doors and Storefronts

Linked Security NY offers top-notch door and storefront installation services in New York, NYC, catering to the diverse security and aesthetic needs of businesses and homeowners. With a team of experienced professionals, they specialize in installing a wide array of door types, including metal, wood, glass, and fire-rated doors, ensuring both functionality and style. Their expertise extends to the installation of high-quality storefronts that not only enhance the visual appeal of your commercial space but also provide an added layer of security.

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