Structured data and telecom wiring services in NYC

Structured data and telecom wiring services in NYC

Whether you are building a new real estate development project in NYC that requires a full Network & Data Cabling Services provider for an existing office property or only needs a couple of new network data drops, we have the expertise and experience to handle all your structured data cabling and wiring needs.

Linked security NY can install structured data as the backbone to your building’s security system or communication, your phones, network, and hotspots. This allows your security team to find and monitor information from the system. Structured cabling includes network cabling, voice and data cabling, Ethernet cabling, or network installation.

How Network Installation & Data Cabling Services Work

The data cabling system is a complete system of cabling and associated communication hardware, which provides a complete telecommunications infrastructure for the building. The copper, fiber optic, or voice wiring is run through the walls that connect to cables that provide the power for your phones, computers, wireless access points, video conferencing systems, security cameras, and copy machines to your phone and data network. 

Linked Security NY provides data cabling services for different purposes like networking an office or wiring a new development residential building in Brooklyn or New York City.

Why You Can’t Succeed Without Strong Network Wiring

Proper network wiring is an important service Linked Security NY offers to commercial and enterprise businesses to test and ensure that their building’s telecommunications system is working at optimum performance. Inferior-designed cabling systems cause up to 70% of network downtime, which can be costly for a New York business. 

Imagine if your email server, customer relationship management system, financial applications, or network crashed, you would likely face significant productivity and loss. It is crucial to install an organized data cabling system that supports the clear labeling of wires to ensure more flexibility and better working conditions and facilitate further upgrades and maintenance work.

Cable documentation can help maintain the integrity of the network by tracking the continuity through equipment, patch cords, cross-connects, connectors, cables, and outlets.

We provide network installation (CAT5 and CAT6) for voice and data applications. We also install phone wiring (CAT3), 25/50/100/300/600 pair feed cables, Coax cable (Video), and fiber optic cable (Data).

Our Network & Data Cabling Services

Our professionally trained low voltage and New York data cabling installer technicians are masters of designing, implementing, and certifying state-of-the-art and functioning network systems for your specific facility or office environment.

NYC Certified Structured Cable installation Company  

Linked Security NY is structured cable certified to install network cables, fiber optic cables, data cables, cat 6, Cat 5e, low voltage wiring in Manhattan and the surrounding 5 boroughs areas. Our company has a decade of structured cabling experience designing and installing data and voice networks and wiring services for a vast array of commercial industries.  We can coordinate and work with property managers, IT teams, commercial general contractors, building architects, business leaders and even interior designers on projects.


Linked Security NY network and data cabling services can include:

  • Fiber & copper data & voice cabling;
  • Single/multi-floor tenant cabling;
  • Wire management, cleanup & testing;
  • Data and network cabling- systems can be set up and configured for communication between IT devices via fiber optic cabling or cat6, cat6e, and cat5e wiring;
  • New office build-outs;
  • Company restacks, retrofits, upgrades, expansions, reorganizations, and consolidations;
  • Communication Cabling – for integrating landline office phones; 
  • Structured Racked Network equipment – including network cabinets, switches, PoE switches, patch panels, routers, and firewalls;
  • Office network cable installation – Entrance facilities, Equipment rooms, Backbone cabling, Horizontal cabling, Telecommunications rooms, and Work-area components;
  • Data center server rack cabling – professionally designed and labeled that is part of data center racks in computer server rooms;
  • Wiring and cable repair services – troubleshooting and fixing wiring issues and updating and upgrading any existing cabling infrastructure.

Whether your New York business needs to install a new fiber-optic backbone to improve your internet speed, reconfigure an existing data or voice network, or build out your existing property’s low-voltage infrastructure, we can meet your needs professionally with knowledgeable and experienced personnel.    

Need a Structured Cabling Installation and Design for New Office Locations?


Is your corporation planning to open up a new office in NYC? Contact Linked Security NY for a free assessment of your business needs and design a structured cabling network system that is fast, reliable, and secure.  Our professional low voltage cable technicians can install and wire your office’s communication network IT infrastructure and quality assurance test it to make sure it is working optimally. We can also label and certify each cable for future maintenance work. We install network and IT equipment, which includes switches, routers, Wi-Fi hotspots, firewalls, network cabinets, and more.

Are You Relocating Or Moving Your Business?

There are a lot of details to consider when relocating a company to a new location.  With any move, the sheer amount of things to take care of can be overwhelming. With the right moving plan in place, you can minimize downtime and ensure your new workspace has what it takes to make for a highly productive work environment. 

Linked Security NY can help to make your move smoother by getting all the cable and network wiring up and running perfectly in your new location. We handle network & data cabling services of backbone, entrance facility, and horizontal and in-office cabling solutions.  

Repairing and Upgrading Data Cabling Network

Linked Security NY also repairs and upgrades existing NYC building network wiring infrastructures. If your company or office is having any network and communication issues across your network or security systems, give us a call, and we will gladly troubleshoot and correct any faulty wiring complications you may be experiencing.  

Get A Free Site Assessment And Consultation From Linked Security NY   

Our IT Infrastructure pros have a ton of experience and expertise in the proper design and implementation of TIA/EIA and BICSI standards for network infrastructure. Linked Security NY can handle all of your Voice & Data networks requirements, whether it is fiber optic cables, video cables, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A cables. With recent advances in cabling technologies and increasing demands for greater network bandwidth, it is crucial to implement reliable and cost-effective, reliable cabling infrastructure solutions. We offer independent service repairs and whole design and installation package office solutions.  

We can come out and give a free site inspection and survey to diagnose facilities your needs and offer no-obligation quotes for network data cabling services in NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Please contact us or call us at  (347) 427-5159 to schedule a site assessment of your location.

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