Security Systems for Property Management in New York, NYC

security solutions for NYC property managers and management companies

Security Systems for Property Tenant Managers in New York, NYC

Linked Security NY is experienced in the planning and installation of cost-effective integrated property management security and access control solutions for the real estate management world in Manhattan. Every residential apartment, co-op, rental property, townhouse, or condo tenant living in New York, NYC, or Brooklyn has fears about unauthorized access and burglary. It’s very important for your tenants leasing units in your buildings to feel safe and secure.  

Solutions for New York, NYC Tenant Property Management Companies

Linked Security NY protects your managed property from security threats. Our comprehensive apartment building security solutions include intercoms, monitoring, burglar intrusion alarm systems, access control, video camera surveillance, and visitor management. Linked Security NY works with dozens of residential real estate property management firms throughout New York, NYC, Brooklyn, and Queens. Our top rating for responsiveness, customization, and competitive pricing is why so many property managers partner with us. 

Our security solutions for New York, NYC property managers and management companies: 

  1. Offer 24/7 emergency services
  2. Same day service for intercom, buzzer, locks and doors issues.
  3. Help bringing building entrances up to fire code.
  4. We communicate well with building superintendents, tenants and board members 
  5. Offer assistance with managing intercom and access control directories
  6. Provide key copies or keyfobs on site.
  7. We work neatly and organized at the buildings, maintaining our work area clean during and after system repair or installation.
  8. We offer annual security maintenance agreements.
  9. One stop shop- all your security and locksmith needs at one place

Property Management

NYC apartment building management clients

We provide a portfolio of security products and services tailored for implementation of integrated security systems for your managed condo, co-op, or multi-tenant properties. Our solutions for property managers include:    

  • Proactive and preventative security systems maintenance plans and emergency response services.
  • Periodic building security risk-assessment check-ins by our experienced team.
  • Planning, design and installation of comprehensive security systems, which includes apartment intercoms, video surveillance cameras, access control systems, monitoring, and intrusion alarms.   
  • Cloud video storage capabilities to help safeguard against any liability concerns (such as lawsuits or potential injury claims, etc) 

Linked Security NY offers a suite of cutting-edge security product solutions which provide a thorough level of control and building security tailored to fit your specific compliance needs and budget.  


Access Control 

Linked Security NY installs a wide variety of access control systems, which is one of the easiest methods for controlling access at your building properties. Having total control over who can access elevators, fitness centers, pools, elevators, floors, and apartments is a necessity for every New York, NYC property or building manager. Access to your locations and specific areas with each property can be granted or revoked by person, day of the week, and time of day using our integrated systems. You can receive email notification alerts and view access reports on demand. Ease of use and peace of mind is one of the main features when we install access control systems in multi-tenant buildings. 

Security Cameras & Video Surveillance 

Multi residential intercom system and security cameras

Security cameras, CCTV systems, and video surveillance go beyond simply protecting your property location. It can also assist in making your facilities run more efficiently. Monitor your premises inside and out, in real-time from wherever you are, viewing any camera, on any device. Dramatically cut down the risk of unauthorized access and intrusion entry. Our surveillance systems allow you to digitally record all videos for later analysis and retrieval. 

A solid system can improve the productivity of employees, and enable proof-positive conflict resolution while ensuring visitor and tenant resident safety. During our free consultation process, our expert team will help understand and offer the most suitable video surveillance solutions and technologies that meet your budget, security requirements, building compliance needs,  

Intercom Systems 

Linked Security NY designs and installs cutting-edge intercom systems. Apartment building intercoms are the first line of communication between tenants, front door staff, the building entryways, and the outside world. They can be integrated with an IP, mobile, or cloud-based video surveillance camera on main entrance doors which can enable property managers and security personnel to keep a watchful eye on whoever is trying to gain entrance to the building. We install and repair a wide variety of intercom products including: 

Visitor Management Systems

We can set up visitor management systems that can allow your front desk check in area to manage and track those who enter your properties. You can scan and keep visitors’ identification and even print visitor badges that can limit access to only certain areas inside your property.     

Burglar Intrusion Alarms

Protect your residential or multi-tenant property portfolio with effective burglar alarms. Intruder and alarm monitoring systems, combined with motion sensors, glass break detectors, are an easy way to prevent unauthorized intrusion. Linked Security NY will design effective easy to use commercial alarm systems that safeguard your facility and specific locations within your property.

Security Maintenance

Linked Security NY can provide preventative security maintenance programs following the installation of Linked Security NY Integrated systems. We can ensure that your security systems and products are working at peak performance, and we strive to keep your equipment working without interruptions 24/7. Our certified technicians can inspect, repair, adjust, calibrate and clean your equipment according to an agreed upon maintenance schedule. You should not have to worry about the security systems protecting your client’s assets and tenants. That is what we are here for.  


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