Case Studies List


Upgrading the security system at Yeshiva School in Riverdale, NY

Installing a Security system for a school is always challenging because there are always kids at school, so when Covid19 started and schools got shut down, that was the perfect timing for this Yeshiva School to upgrade their security system. When securing schools and public space there is a lot to consider. Securing public facilities

Residential building’s front door security and Brivo Onair Access control

It’s no secret that security these days means a lot. In the past 2 months we are seeing an increase of break-ins in residential buildings, mainly to steal delivered packages from buildings’ lobbies or mail rooms. Thieves know tenants are ordering everything online, and the gain might be worth the risk. Securing your building’s front

Home audio and video project in Brooklyn, NY

Linked Security has recently been contracted to work on a fun and exciting residential Audio and Video systems installation in Brooklyn NY. In this project we wired a whole apartment with network wiring, audio speakers wiring and necessary wiring for TV installations. We installed a multi-zone audio system that includes a home thater surround system in the living room and 6

Construction site security cameras & alarm to prevent theft

We recently installed a security system for a construction site that has suffered from break ins and theft during night time. After consulting with our security system experts, the property developer decided to install a CCTV system that will deter and record invaders,  as well as a burglary alarm system that will recognize any attempt

Upgrading an analog audio only intercom system to a video IP intercom system with remote access.

IP intercoms use a local internet connection to create a video call to tenant’s phone, therefore allowing them to see and talk with visitors even when they are away, and of course open the door as well, ensuring you will never miss a package in your life.


Office door buzzer system & keyless lock installation Financial District Office in Manhattan

In this location we installed a keypad for each door, along with remote controls to unlock the door from anywhere in the office. This gave the customer the ability to let people in their office without getting up to open the secure room.

Network Rack - patch panels and switch

Office Network Wiring – A New Office and Show Room Space In Manhattan

In this project, Linked Security was hired to do the office network wiring and setup for a new show room and office space in Manhattan. Running network wires, installing Ethernet and phone jacks and setting up network equipment was all part of the job.

Multi residential intercom system and security cameras

Multi Residential Intercom System – Brooklyn Co-op

In this unique project, Linked Security was requested to install a video entry system to replace the existing audio intercom. In addition to the Aiphone multi residential intercom system we installed an access control system and security cameras, to complete the property security needs.

Emergency alarm push button

Emergency Alarm System – LIC School

In this unique project, Linked Security was requested to install an Emergency Alarm system throughout a school with few alarm activation buttons in different locations such as front desk, management office and back yard.

residential cctv system installation

Residential CCTV System – East 14th St

In this residential building, Linked Security was asked to install a residential CCTV system with 14 high resolution cameras to cover the building’s entrance, street front, hallways, mail area, laundry area and rooftop.